South Carolina Sunday Service 2019-11-24

South Carolina Sunday Service 2019-11-24

Stop being a lover of your own self, God cannot move if you are getting the glory.  All glory goes to Jesus.





Service Notes For Sunday South Carolina 2019-11-24


  • Linda Hanger
  • Steve Atherton


  • John 8:29, 2 Timothy 3


  • Do you want the Lord to say of you “well beloved of the Lord” as He did of Daniel?  What about “thou highly favored”?  If you want the Lord to say that of you, the key is in John 8:29 – “I always do those things that please Him”.
  • Preparing your heart is about being about God’s business.
  • Being in Christ means you keep Him as your focus.
  • Thank the Lord for a new day to get things right as a start of your day.
  • Build your faith by praying in the Holy Spirit.
  • Praying in tongues without praying out loud is important.  Pray without ceasing is something the Lord commands us to do.  Sometimes you can’t pray out loud because of where you are, but you can absolutely pray in tongues inwardly.
  • Praying in tongues takes faith in God.  You have to believe that He is who He says He is and that what He said was true.
  • To walk by faith takes determination and diligence.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to endure unto the end.
  • Examples in the Bible of Kings who started off in a right place with God, then God moved and they took it to mean that they were something and therefore God moved, but it had nothing to do with them that God moved.  Because they then saw themselves as something (i.e. worthy), they then went up and did things they ought not.
  • You have to wrestle with the angel of God to find out truths about yourself that are often very hard to receive.  Because they are hard to receive, people don’t want to go there, so they justify themselves with “I’m just a sinner saved by grace” so you don’t have to come into obedience with what God says.
  • When you start coming into an understanding of the truths God reveals to you about yourself, they may be revelatory to you, but they are not revelatory to Him.  Knowing all of those problems and more and yet accepted you.
  • The truth will make you free.  When you receive the truth and repent and call upon the Lord of all mercy, you then get free of that and come forward into His extraordinary grace, mercy and love and can walk in His power.
  • Instead of recognizing that God delivers you by His grace, you turn it to being about something you did and that is pride and you now turn away from the Lord because you are justified.
  • When you’re in the spot where you know you can’t take credit for anything, you can be open to receiving the truth about yourself in the Word and you can get free.  You will know that there is no righteousness in you but the righteousness of God.
  • Men shall be lovers of their own selves rather than being a people who love God and others before themselves.  This is opposite to what God commands.
  • Boasting about being a part of this ministry is offensive and needs to be stopped.  It’s about Christ or it’s not about Christ.  If something good has come of anything done, praise God.  Nobody but Jesus Christ can save.