Texas Sunday Service 2019-10-20

Texas Sunday Service 2019-10-20

Testimonies of God’s grace and mercy during the 2019 ministers conference.



Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2019-10-20


Steve Atherton, Bob Hicks, Megan Atherton, Sue Eutsler, Carter Price, Jeanne Lamica, Cheryl Eutsler, Angie Perry, Lisa Capshaw, Kyle Cook


Ephesians 6:18, Hebrews 4:2, John 6:68, 2 Timothy 2:15, 1 Samuel 1, 1 Thessalonians 1:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-25, Joshua 24:15


  • Bob’s spoke on 1989 when he prayed “Show me if you’re real”.
  • Bob figured out you can believe God and trust God.
  • Bob learned that there’s a difference between believing that there is a God vs believing Jesus Christ.
  • Megan said she’s the twit who prayed the prayer Steve talked about during conference, in sincerity, but she was sincerely wrong.
  • Megan said there’s a difference between believe in and believe on.  Believe in is to believe in the existence of God.  Believe on is to believe the word brought by those over you.
  • Megan talked about the fight – you have to fight.
  • Today is the only day you have.
  • It’s easy to look at the old man.  You need to provoke to love and good works.
  • Sue talked about John 6:68.
  • Sue mentioned the 168 hours in a week and how many of them are you in service to the Lord?  How many of the 168 hours in a week do you hide?
  • Carter mentioned the Holy Fury with which we need to fight.  You’re fighting against the enemy and for Christ.  Choose to fight.
  • Rick mentioned Hebrews 4:2 – The Word needs to be mixed with faith.
  • Carter said that you can’t hide from God or from the enemy.  Without the fight from us, it makes the enemies job so simple.
  • If the Armageddon battle with blood up to the horses bridle, then stop now.  Otherwise arm yourself and fight against the enemy and for Christ.
  • Steve said you can not win unless you fight.  You don’t want the responsibility if you won’t fight.
  • There is no way to win unless you engage in the fight.
  • Lay hold on eternal life like Jacob did when he wrestled against the angel.
  • Why you lose is because you don’t choose to win (determine in your mind).
  • If you give your all and fail, where do you go from there?
  • Jeanne talked about Moses staggering not.
  • When your authorities tell you to do something that doesn’t make sense, you need to yield.
  • Wake up every single day and put on the mind of Christ.
  • Ann said it’s easy to lose focus on the Lord, but He needs to be your focus.  Your eye needs to be single.
  • Cheryl talked about preparing your heart for the Lord.
  • Study to show thyself approved unto God (2 Timothy 2:15).
  • It’s time to grow up and not need God to constantly show where He is moving.
  • You are where you are because of your own choices.
  • How do you know what His level of perfection is if you don’t know Him and His ways?
  • Steve said we need to purge our consciences of dead works.
  • Go forward in the new life divine is pleasing to God.
  • Angie talked about 1 Samuel 1.
  • Bitterness of soul is where Hannah started, but her countenance changed because she believed God.
  • There will be a resolve – Believe God.
  • Lisa talked about the difference between the Lord preparing your heart vs you preparing your heart.  If you wait for the Lord to prepare your heart you are ducking the responsibilities of choice of faith.
  • God has power and victory over this old man.
  • Kyle, a visitor at Grace Ranch talked about why he came out to Grace Ranch.
  • He had become addicted to pushing himself further, to understand his place in the world.
  • He said he had realized that wisdom has an infinite line because God DOES exist.
  • If God exists, that means you have to choose to believe Him.
  • He started making improvements to himself, but he realized he couldn’t do it again.
  • Steve talked about becoming debt free and new ways to step out in faith.
  • As a husband, the devil has to go through you to get to your wife and children.
  • The Lord’s hand being in a thing, does not always look beautiful, but it always works things out in us.
  • The table is set.  Did those who wanted to receive not have to fight?  You’ve got to go and get it.
  • Fellowship is in the kingdom of God.