Texas Sunday Service 2019-11-24

Texas Sunday Service 2019-11-24

Whose sin do you see on the cross?  Did you hit the reset button when you accepted Christ?  Do you serve God, or do you want to be served?




Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2019-11-24


  • James Eutsler
  • Rick Eutsler, Jr.


  • Philippians 2:1-15


  • Whose sin do you see on the cross?
  • You need to see your sin, not just when you come to Christ for salvation, but every day.
  • You need not look at the sin of others or the sin of the whole world, you should look at your sin alone.
  • When you accepted the Lord, did you really hit the reset button?
  • It’s time to hit the reset button and move forward in the Lord.
  • When you hit the reset button you put off your old man and move forward in Christ by putting on the mind of Christ.
  • If you esteem others, how can you see the sin of others?
  • Thank God for His blood which washes away your sin.
  • If you’re looking to love your brothers and sisters, you aren’t about your own business.  This also means your brothers and sisters are looking out for you.  That means 17 people are watching your back instead of just you.
  • Every knee WILL bow before Him, choose that now.
  • He gives you both the will and to do of His good pleasure if you choose Him.
  • A servant does everything without murmuring and complaining.
  • Wherever you go, if you agree with God and go forward in that anointing, you can’t help but see a change.  Light drives out darkness.
  • To minister is to be about Jesus’ business 24/7.  You may go shopping or to work, but that’s secondary to ministering Jesus.
  • Do you believe there is a bank account in Heaven?  You make deposits into that bank account by doing the will of the Father and in service to Him and others.
  • Do you look for opportunities to serve?
  • Chase after the blessings of God, they come from service to God and others.
  • Do you want to serve?  Or do you want to be served?  There are only 2 types of people.  Choose to serve and be blessed.
  • What kind of servant are you?
  • ALL service is valued by the Lord.
  • There is no down side to serving God.
  • Service without murmuring and complaining stores a reward in Heaven.
  • If you can’t love and serve one another in your own house or amongst your brothers and sisters in the Lord, God won’t see it or bless it when you try to do it outside of your house.
  • There’s great joy in service to the Lord.