Texas Sunday Service 2020-07-19

Texas Sunday Service 2020-07-19

What is a righteous man? What is a wicked man? Who is a righteous man? Who is a wicked man? David was righteous.



Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2020-07-19


  • Bob Hicks
  • Robin Atherton


  • Luke 14:25, Ezekiel 18:20


  • What do you put first in your life?  Where does your loyalty lie?
  • Have you counted the cost of serving the Lord?
  • Brother Phil talked about grace this morning in South Carolina.
  • When a righteous man sins (Ezekiel 18:20) – the Word says “… if the wicked will turn from ALL his sins…” he shall surely live and all his transgressions shall not be mentioned to him.
  • David sinned in an enormous manner.  Firstly he took another mans wife, which is common, but then he killed the man because the man would not cooperate with his plan to cover his sin, a faithful man.  Why wouldn’t that be a wickedness that would send him to hell?  What was David’s righteousness that became what was his salvation both before and after this?
  • We have a problem looking at ourselves and deciding if we are righteous or wicked.  Your flesh is wicked!  But if you believe the rock of your salvation and if you are saved solely by the mercy and grace of God, the Bible says by grace are you saved and not by works, if your salvation is that of the Gospel which was David’s, you’re still the righteous man.  David had to pass through a period to know that he still remained in that place.  But he could only do that if he understood the nature of God and his need for the mercy and grace and goodness of God.  David knew that early on and knew it unto his death.  That’s a righteous man.
  • What is righteous?  Who is righteous?  What is wicked?  Who is wicked?
  • The righteous man believes God.  His salvation is because He knows the work of God was sufficient for him and he walks by that rule and comes into perfect peace with God over that rule and his flesh has no longer any say over him.  In that place, partaking of the goodness and divine nature of God, he now is in a place of perfection by faith, by the work of God, and faith in that work of God.  We are His workmanship, not our own.
  • You go after it only because you believe God is able to perform it in you and you don’t let anything stop you.
  • How could David have stood up if he thought ANY of it had to do with any good thing in him?  Before that day David understood his need for a savior, and in the day when that need was great he was in a place to receive it.
  • If you want to have your house built in Him, then you hear the words of the apostles and prophets.  Perfection is found in a perfect faith in that which God said and nothing else.
  • We are here that we might be exhorted again to a mighty hope in Christ.
  • If you have that righteousness, every one of us, were first the wicked man.
  • A slight correction too:  It is given unto the apostles the power to remit or forgive sin.