Vermont Sunday Service 2018-10-21

Vermont Sunday Service 2018-10-21

We have the far greater gift and that is Jesus Christ.


Service Notes For Sunday Vermont 2018-10-21


  • Jim Cannon
  • Jeanne Lamica
  • Raul Sanchez
  • Michael Krause


  • 1 Peter 2:1-9, Isaiah 43:10, Acts 4:32-37 and Acts 5:1-11, Proverbs 6:6, Proverbs 30:11-14


  • We have the far greater gift and that gift is Jesus Christ.
  • We have not suffered as Jesus Christ did.
  • The church of Jesus’ time rejected Him.
  • The light of Jesus Christ does not cast a shadow, it casts light.
  • We are to be the light of the world.
  • When you are comfortable, what do you need Jesus for?
  • Get out of your comfort zone so the power of God can move.
  • When we make the choice to serve Jesus, that means we do not lean unto our own understanding.
  • We are limited in our skills:  Jesus supersedes all our skills.
  • We have nothing to offer but Jesus has everything.
  • Believe all of His Word, and the power of God moves.
  • The Lord will give us the strength we need to carry out His Word just as He gives the ant the strength to carry an oak leaf.