Vermont Sunday Service 2019-03-03

Vermont Sunday Service 2019-03-03

Keep Jesus first in all things.  The power of Jesus can’t be matched with anything else!


Service Notes For Sunday Vermont 2019-03-03


  • Jim Cannon
  • Jeanne Lamica
  • Michael Krause


  • 1 John 1, 1 John 2, Mark 3:35, Luke 8, Proverbs 2, Proverbs 3


  • Fellowship with like-minded people in Jesus Christ is vital to our walk.
  • We need to get back up when Satan kicks us down, in the same way little children fall down when learning to walk, they get back up again.
  • The power of Jesus Christ in our lives can’t be matched with anything else in this world.
  • If we seek to be as Jesus Christ, we seek a good work.
  • Just as you need to get your oxygen mask on first before helping others in the event the plane crash, so you need to put your life down and show others the love of Jesus Christ.
  • If there are things holding you back, lift them up to Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We are all in debt to the Lord.
  • Keep everything that we do in prayer.
  • Keep Jesus first in all things.