Texas Wednesday Service 2020-07-01

Texas Wednesday Service 2020-07-01

It’s not too late!  Humble yourself, repent before the Lord and keep His commandments:  Love God, love one another.  



Service Notes For Wednesday Texas 2020-07-01


  • Rick Eutsler


  • John 15:1-15, Matthew 5, Matthew 6, Matthew 7, Matthew 6:19-21, Mark 10:21, Matthew 19:26, Luke 22:42, Hebrews 12:2


  • It’s not too late!  Right now, it’s not too late.  There may come a time when it is, but right now it’s not too late.
  • There’s always hope in the Lord. Come to know Him and His goodness. 
  • It’s so easy at a young age to not take the Lord seriously. Even after years of not taking the Lord seriously when you turn to Him, His grace and mercy are still there. 
  • What is your perspective when things get tough?  Is your perspective that things aren’t going well or is your perspective to say “Lord this is a great opportunity for you to work a miracle”? 
  • If you’re in Christ then all the devil throws at you will come to nought, because the Lord is bigger. Go to the Lord first, for His guidance and for His help. The goodness of God is that He takes care of His people.  
  • If you want your treasure in the Lord, then He is what your focus will be on. 
  • Is there a greater testimony than to be known as the friend of God?  Count the things of God worthy to go after, forsake everything else. The Lord has got to be the most important one in your life. 
  • The Lord redeems your mistakes when you humble yourself and admit you are wrong, and you repent and acknowledge God’s righteousness. 
  • The Lord has been long suffering, tarrying with you when you were wrong, then when you realize you are wrong, you can realize God’s goodness to you.
  • You don’t have any love, God has more than you can give away, you can partake of His love. 
  • You want to get clean, get in the Word, not just reading it, digest it, live it, breathe it. 
  • If you’re not bringing forth fruit, that fruit is love, the Agape love of God, you are not in Him. It’s the Lord’s love that keeps us, and His love comes through His people. It is what transforms the hearts of people.