Eagle Radio Network


The Eagle Radio Network is an online radio station run by ministers in our fellowship.  Some have done commercial talk radio broadcasts.  Others are musicians.  All share a common love of radio as a medium.

Many of us worked on the first incarnation of the Eagle Radio Network back in the 1990s.  At that time, Brother Davy, fresh from traveling around the country with our revival tent, came back on fire to start a talk radio network.  Quickly, it blossomed into a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week ministry with a diversity of mostly talk, predominantly political programming that was broadcast on satellite and rebroadcast on various FM and/or short wave stations.  Our South Carolina fellowship is a fruit of those years, as are Scott and Gail Stevens.

One thing we learned during that time, is that Jesus Christ is THE ANSWER to what ails our homes, workplaces, schools and churches.  Sadly His name is the one name that all seem to flee from or use to justify themselves in what they are doing.  Few, it seems, recognize our desperate need for His grace.

Eagle Radio is not an ordinary Christian Radio Network.  Our programming includes secular music and programming, in addition to Christian services, Bible Studies, Revivals and Worship.  The goal of those associated with the network is to provide down to earth programming that entertains, educates and equips listeners to engage in practical manners in this life, in preparation for the life which is to come.  Our motto is “We Rise Above”.

Please visit us online at www.eagle-radio.com to listen.  In addition to enjoying our broadcasts, we hope you will share you thoughts, comments and suggestions for programming.  Who knows, maybe you’ll join us with a show of your own some day!