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Grace Ranch was founded by Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. in 2003.

Grace Ranch is a working ranch that is wholly dedicated to the Lord.  It was founded in 2003 by Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. and represents the culmination of his more than forty years of preaching the Gospel, establishing churches, conducting tent revivals, running missions and training ministers. In some ways it may be helpful to liken Grace Ranch to the ministry of John the Baptist for Grace Ranch, like John’s ministry, is located in the wilderness, but not so far removed that it is inaccessible.  It is approximately an hour away from downtown El Paso, making it relatively easy to get to, but the 17 miles of dirt roads between the ranch and the Interstate creates a physical separation that makes Grace Ranch a sanctuary to many. Every visitor to Grace Ranch is ministered to individually, just as Jesus did in His ministry.  For some, the physical separation from the world is critical to them getting free of problems, such as: drug addiction, alcholism and depression that have plagued them.  For others, the ranch provides the solitude they need to get focused upon and oriented in the Lord so they can return home with a fresh perspective, ready to move forward in Christ, with His blessings abiding upon them. Grace Ranch is also our ministry’s central hub for training ministers of the Gospel.  Many ministers from around the world disciple under ministers who call Grace Ranch home.  Others attend our annual, week-long  ministers’ convention, held every October, or enroll in our Christian Boot Camp, where we provide intensive training (much like boot camp in the military) to those who desire become ministers of the Gospel. If you are interested in more information concerning the ranch or to visit, please contact us at 915-988-2450, fill out the Contact Us form below or visit our website at

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