Fear of the Lord.

Fear of the Lord.

Let’s fear the Lord, not the situation.  We’re called to freedom not bondage.  The fear of the Lord should overcome the spirit of fear.


Service Notes For Sunday 2018-01-18


  • Phillip Walthall
  • Robin Atherton


Hebrews 4, Joshua 1:16-17, 1 John 1, Hebrews 12


  • You’re accepted by the blood of the Lamb.  Come just as you are, He is able.
  • The fear of the Lord overcomes the spirit of fear.
  • People need the Gospel, that is the only way to salvation.  They need Jesus Christ.
  • We need to not lean on our own understanding but our faith be fully in the Lord.
  • The Lord is moving, it is our choice to partake of it. 
  • Submit doesn’t just mean obedience, but it means to agree with a thing.
  • The problem is not with God, it’s with us.
  • The Lord is well able to redeem the times, now matter how long. 
  • Let’s fear the Lord, not the situation. We’re called to freedom not bondage.
  • When you have more of a fear for God than the thing in front of you, you will have a spirit to overcome.
  • If you don’t learn on the other side of chastening, then the chastening didn’t work.
  • Know that you have no justification outside of the blood of the Lamb.
  • Get to a place where you hold nothing back from the Lord.
  • The Lord is faithful, take advantage of what He has shown you.
  • To be received you have to pass through the scourging. 
  • God is a deliverer, a redeemer but you must let Him turn things around.