Ministers' Directory



The Lord is the one who ordains and equips His ministers.  The  “credentials” that we issue simply document what we see the Lord doing with an individual.  While we recognize ministers of the Lord who are not part of our fellowship, we only issue credentials to those who have submitted themselves unto discipleship under the tutelage of one of our ministers.

Our credentials are issued annually.  Christian Worker, Licensed Minister and Ordained Minister certificates are designed to mark each individual’s progress in the Lord.  There is no prescribed course of study nor time frame within which one must “graduate”.  Progress is entirely between the individual and the Lord.

Christian Worker certificates are issued to believers who have evidenced a call to the ministry and demonstrated an eagerness to pursue that calling by entering into discipleship under the tutelage of one of our ministers.

Licensed Minister certificates are issued to those who have demonstrated their call to the ministry and submitted to discipleship under one of our ordained ministers.  Licensed ministers are authorized to perform ministerial functions (i.e. weddings or baptisms) under the guidance of his or her teacher.

Ordained Minister certificates are only issued to those who have made full proof of their ministry and been found to be tried and true in the faith.

What follows is a directory of our Ministers. When you click on a name, you will be taken to a page that includes the minister’s bio, contact information and testimony.

Atherton, MeganCapshaw, LisaEutsler, Rosemary
Atherton, RobinClinning, JoanSanchez, Raul
Atherton, StevenHanger, Linda
Cannon, CarrieLamica, Jeanne
Capshaw, BradPadi, John A
Eutsler, AnnSchilke, Margaret
Eutsler, CherylTerrell, Jeanne
Eutsler, JamesWalthall, Tinasha (Hope)
Eutsler, Rick Jr.
Eutsler, Richard Sr. (1947-2017)
Eutsler, Suzanne
Hicks, Robert
Hocker, Charles
Hocker, Karen
Muller, Paul (1955-2016)
Perry, Angellia
Price, Carter
Stevens, Gail
Stevens, Scott
Tsimese, Lawrence
Walthall, Phillip