A variety of Ministries exist within The Fishermen Ministry.  These are a few of them.

Eagle Radio Network

The Eagle Radio Network broadcasts live Church Services, Bible Studies and Shows from The Fishermen Ministry.


Recorded broadcasts of Bible Studies, Church Services, Conferences, Revivals and more are available online.

Social Media

We have our own social media app.  Join or sign up to have access to our latest information.


Worship is a critical component for any ministry.  For that reason we have made our worship available online.


Recorded broadcasts of Church Services, Conferences, Special Events and more are available online.


Would you like to join or visit a local fellowship?  South Carolina, Vermont, Arizona, Texas, Ghana.

Grace Ranch

Grace Ranch is open to all to camp & spend time, but also for those who want to learn more about Jesus Christ.


Writings include Articles of Faith, Prophecies, Sermons, Teachings, Topical Scriptures and more, now online.

Ministerial Training

As part of our mission to train ministers of the Gospel, we also offer the following:  Training at your site, Annual Ministers’ Convention, Christian Boot Camp at Grace Ranch.