TFM Day 1 of 2010 Ministers Conference - 2010-10-10

TFM Day 1 of 2010 Ministers Conference - 2010-10-10

TFM 2010 Conference Notes For Day 1 of Conference (Sunday 2010-10-10)


  • Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. (Davy)
  • Steven H. Atherton


Matthew 7:21


  • This is the first ministers convention.
  • The Church is the body of Christ and every part of your body ministers to every other part of the body.
  • All Christians are to be ministering Jesus Christ or they will not be any part of Jesus Christ and cannot be Christians.
  • This week is establishing this body in unity to go forth and do the work of God, leaving old things behind and going forward.
  • Do you want to see Jesus lifted high?  How can He be lifted high if you are not lifted high?  Not your flesh that is cursed, not the pride, the arrogance and the all about me self, but that new creature, the one Jesus died for, the one Jesus raised Himself from the dead for.  If that creature not be raised high, how then shall Jesus be raised high, when we are the body of Christ?
  • The world does not believe in Christ.  They don’t know Christ.  To the world, Jesus Christ is a joke and a fantasy, a story and something used to control people, and that’s because of your walk, because you haven’t shown them anything different.
  • The body of Christ is to blame for the condition of the world, not the government.
  • The Church denies God just as the children of Israel did.
  • The Church relies on the government to give them authority.  They don’t understand that authority comes from God to His Church through His line of authority, and until His people start walking in it, the world is going to go on laughing and being what they are… as long as it’s about you, you might as well not sing, I want to see Jesus lifted high.
  • When you are lifted up into that body, spirit, power, knowledge, understanding, and you walk knowing that God is with you and sickness flees and demonic spirits flee and God’s power is manifested and people believe and fear, that is when Jesus will be lifted high.
  • Someone said that this is more like a family reunion than any church I’ve ever seen before.  That’s because it is a family reunion.
  • Did you choose your sister or your brother?
  • If you are a child of God, you are born by the Word of God, which is Jesus, then you have the blood of God running in your spirit (veins if you will), therefore those of like precious birth are your brothers and sisters and you don’t choose them.  God chooses them.
  • The Kingdom of God is about Jesus.  If you belong to the Kingdom of God you’ve got brothers and sisters and you’d better learn to live with them.
  • If you’re going to learn to lift Jesus high, you’re going to have to learn to prefer your brothers and sisters above yourself, or you are in pride and iniquity.
  • Matthew 7:21. Believing in Jesus Christ and claiming to be a Christian does not guarantee that you will enter into the kingdom of heaven.