Texas Sunday Service 2020-10-04

Texas Sunday Service 2020-10-04

The Lord’s standard is the one to go after.  The feedback loop isn’t just from discipleship.  How you feel is the old man.


Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2020-10-04


  • Bob Hicks
  • Rick Eutsler, Jr.


  • Hebrews 12:1, 1 Peter 4:1, Hebrews 11:6


  • Bob talked about getting his drivers license.  He said it took so long because he saw the obstacles that came up as obstacles not as opportunities.  He also mentioned how thankful he is to have had grace extended to him as he learned.
  • It’s not a hardship, when you’re in Christ, to be in prayer for one another.
  • There is joy in serving the Lord.
  • If you follow a standard, then there is order.  If there is no standard, there’s chaos and judgement and high mindedness etc.  The Lord’s standard is the one to go after.
  • God cares, even about ice, not because of the ice itself, but because of your obedience in how you deal with it.
  • If you are frustrated at every turn, you need to stop and do His will.
  • All you have to do is believe God.  If, then, else – believe, do, receive, or…
  • The feedback loop isn’t just from discipleship, but also recognizing your own thoughts, motives, intentions and the Word of God itself.
  • Pray and ask God to show you the big picture.
  • How you feel is the old man, you get to choose to agree with it or agree with Christ.