2017 Ministers Conference

2017 Ministers Conference

When God arises in us, then we can minister to others.  Little strength – this means not high-minded, it also means few people and it also means the people recognize they have little strength but God has all the strength.  You have a clean slate.  Now it’s time to believe the Word delivered to you.

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2017-10-09 to 2017-10-14


  • Steve Atherton
  • Robin Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall
  • Bob Hicks


  • Jim Cannon
  • Rick Eutsler, Jr.
  • Sue Eutsler
  • James Eutsler


  • Carter Price
  • Joan Clinning
  • Ann Eutsler

SCRIPTURES USED: Revelation 1, Revelation 4, Revelation 3, Revelation 12:11, John 13:31-35, Romans 4:20, Romans 5:2, John 14:6, Exodus 31, 2 Timothy 3:16, 1 John 5, John 3:1, Matthew 28, Matthew 7, Isaiah 6:1-8, Romans 10:6-15, Jeremiah 1:4, 2 Timothy 3:1-9, Revelation 3:15-16, Galatians 5:22-23


  • When God arises in us, then and only then can we minister to others.
  • Each of the seven churches have those who are saved in their Church.
  • When we take our place in the body of Christ we are holy.
  • We are to remember that we are of little strength.
  • Little strength means only a few people.
  • Little strength also means recognizes their lowliness of mind (not high-minded).
  • Little strength is knowing that you can’t do it and you don’t have everything figured out.
  • Be of little strength… I must decrease so that He may increase.
  • Holy fury – when people seem to just not come to the reality of who God is, it brings up a holy fury … not at the people, but at the fact that the devil wins.
  • Do not waver at the Word of God. (Jesus).
  • You can not walk as you have the past 5 years and expect to be a part of the Church of Philadelphia.
  • Anointing comes from God.
  • When you pray “Lord have mercy upon me”, do you hear a response?  What about “I have, and I will!”?
  • Authority is central to our walk with the Lord.
  • Why begrudge how you got to where you are?  What stupidity to think we could do it any better another time around.
  • Don’t give ANY place to doubt and unbelief, in yourself or others.
  • I have chosen Jesus and it’s been shown to be the right choice.
  • Just like you got here by plane, Jesus Christ will get you to the Father.
  • You have a clean slate.  Now it’s time to believe the Word delivered to you.
  • How are you going to show people God’s ways if you don’t know God’s ways?
  • Baptism demonstrated visually.
  • I am saved daily by the same Gospel I preach.
  • Although we are in a new chapter, it’s still Jesus Christ.
  • It is only faith that stays the same in every situation when ministering to people. There’s no cookie cutter to do it the same every time.
  • This week is about the work of the Lord.
  • Jim knew Jesus was Lord, but the Catholic church said he should pray to Mary, he knew there was something wrong with that.
  • Will you be one who is sent?
  • I yield up the reigns of my heart and ask that you drive me to the accomplishment of thy will.
  • You can not change your desires, but God can!
  • Step outside your comfort zone and put yourself in a position where you HAVE to trust God.
  • God is moved by faith!  Expect God’s goodness.
  • Faith is the only thing the same in every ministry opportunity.
  • Prayer is the most powerful weapon you have.
  • Don’t give place to doubt and unbelief in yourself or others.
  • Love one another as we had the example in Brother Davy.
  • We have an arsenal of weapons at our disposal and we don’t use them well.  Now we are trained to use them.
  • Trust God to use them.
  • Conviction.
  • Don’t trust yourself to do the right thing, commit even that to God.
  • Trust God.  It’s super simple, just trust God.
  • Trust the hand of the Lord.
  • Go and preach the Gospel – not Ephesians 1 or John 3:16, the Gospel.
  • Sow the seed, the seed is love.
  • The detailed instructions given in the old testament were followed up with the doing of those things.
  • Submission and obedience.
  • Obey your authorities, it very well could save your life.
  • Trust the anointing of God.
  • His yoke is easy and His burden is light – IF you are not in the way.
  • It’s time for you to make a decision and stand for Jesus and do as He has shown you to do through Him.
  • Jesus is the standard!  There is lots of work to do and plenty of improvement to make.
  • Trust Jesus, trust the anointing.
  • Davy showed God’s love, let us do likewise.
  • The souls of people matter to God, and what matters to God is supposed to matter to us.
  • Without God’s love, you cannot minister the Gospel.
  • It is your choice to take something back from conference.
  • Don’t lose what you got this week.
  • Commit to put Jesus first.