2018 Ministers Conference Seminars

2018 Ministers Conference Seminars
DAY SEMINARS:  The role of Praise and Worship in the Church.  Online Ministry.  Prayer and how important it is to believers.  Healing and deliverance – still available today?

2018 Ministers Conference SEMINARS Playlist


2018 MINISTERS CONFERENCE SEMINAR NOTES: 2018-10-08 to 2018-10-13


  • Steve Atherton
  • Rick Eutsler, Jr.
  • Robin Atherton
  • Megan Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall


  • Sue Eutsler
  • Cheryl Eutsler
  • Corey Sweet
  • Margie Sweet


  • Lisa Capshaw
  • Joan Clinning
SCRIPTURES USED: 1 Samuel 1:28, 2 Samuel 12:20, Matthew 7, Matthew 11:16, Psalms 47, Mark 7, Matthew 15, Isaiah 29:13, 2 Chronicles 20:22, 


  • Please click here for the PDF document of 2018-10-08 Seminar on Worship Scriptures.
  • Praising and Worshipping the Lord.
  • Who else do you know who would take on all of your sins, willingly?
  • You have to fight even harder because it’s not just for you but also for your brothers and sisters in the Lord.
  • When you believe, you can’t help but fall on your knees and worship God.
  • Abraham’s servant prayed because he loved his master, Abraham.
  • Eli was a high priest but not a man of God.
  • Hannah believed God in spite of not seeing any sign.
  • You need to believe God!  Do not wait for a sign in order to believe, that is not of faith.
  • Voluntary vs involuntary acts of worship.
  • If you need an involuntary act of worship you can’t walk by faith, because faith is not seen.
  • God answers serious prayers.
  • In 1 Samuel 1:28, the young Samuel worshipped the Lord.
  • In 2 Samuel 12:20 you see David, having lost his child, and the first thing he did was acknowledge the righteousness of God.
  • Mercy comes from the acknowledgement of guilt and wrong.
  • If you want to understand praise and worship and the role it plays in walking by faith, read the book of Psalms.
  • Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth requires praying in tongues, which requires absolute humility.
  • Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth is way better than any rock concert.
  • The walk of faith is a choice to believe and worship.  It is not based on a feeling or your faith, but rather on His faith.
  • Choose to fear the Lord.
  • Most Christians are addicts.  They’re addicted to wanting to “feel” good.  As a Christian you can not care about ANYTHING but serving Him.
  • Pray the prayer “Lord I pray that you strengthen and fortify my will to do thy will”.


  • People are on their heels waiting to be told what to do, that is not a good thing.
  • The profitable servant comes ready to minister to others.
  • Be willing to be wrong.  Ask questions, even if you look like a fool.
  • Become single-minded.
  • What is your level of commitment?  To the Lord, to your spouse, to family, to friends, to work?
  • If you only sing and praise God in Church, you’ve missed the point of praising the Lord.
  • Our days of defeat are done.  Praise is a catapult and essential in war.
  • Conceived in prayer is where you know you will receive of the Lord.
  • With every word of prayer break through to victory with determination.
  • God went up with a shout and we need to do likewise.
  • Sing praises in spirit and in truth.
  • Don’t give up.  How many times do you quit before you see it fulfilled?
  • The love of God is about loving another, not yourself.
  • God gives us all the tools for the job.  Everyone on the job has to have the same tools or the measurements will differ.
  • Most people do not realise the militant nature of praise.  Music is central to armies as encouragement to their side as well as discouragement to their enemies.
  • We need to make the enemy ask “Will you never give up?”.
  • To turn the other cheek means “Is that all you’ve got?”.  It’s not a wimpy thing, it’s a strong thing.
  • God is bigger than EVERYTHING.
  • Praise is the light and when you praise the Lord the darkness flees.
  • You can’t outwait the devil.  If you wait, you’ve lost the fight.
  • If the spirit doesn’t move, move the spirit.
  • Praising the Lord takes the focus off you and puts it on God.
  • The kind of music you listen to, the kind of movies you watch, the kind of food you eat, it all feeds your attitude.  So choose the right things to feed your body, soul and spirit.
  • You have to pray and ask believing and then you can start thanking God for the answer because you KNOW He has answered.
  • The gates of hell are a defense, they will NOT prevail.  When they come tumbling down, those who are ashamed can find mercy.
  • The last thing satan wants is unity in the body and us to praise the Lord and know we have victory in Jesus.


  • Please click here for the PDF document of 2018-10-10 Seminar on Online Ministry.
  • Online Ministry
    • Mark 16:15 – Jesus tells those with Him at that time to “go ye into ALL the world and preach the Gospel to EVERY Creature.”
    • Titus 2:9-10 – what is the one resource that we have an absolute limitation of without the miraculous intervention of God? (Hint, it has only been done twice in the Bible)
    • Titus 2:11-15 – How are we to be in the world? What message and in what manner are we brining it?
    • 1 John 2:5-6 – Jesus is our example. Perfect answers to every situation.  Nothing of self or pride.
    • 1 Peter 4:10-11 – what words are we speaking? Through what strength are we ministering? With what knowledge are we sharing?
  • Think before you speak
    • Why am I saying, sharing, posting, liking this or that.
    • Does it bring glory to the Lord to do so?
    • Are you clearing the path towards faith, removing the traps of doubt and unbelief or aiding the enemy in his work to turn people away from the living God?
  • 3 elements of a “good” post
    • Introduction – For example: Hello again!  I wanted to take a minute to share about….
    • Content – Here’s something the Lord showed me today. I was listening to our revivals from this past season (provide link to the page on the ministry site), and Brother Steve was talking about…. (keep it short and sweet)
    • Call to action – if you are having the same kind of problems or concerns, I want you to know that Jesus cares for you and has the answer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or visit our website to learn more (provide relevant link)
  • When posting personal posts that have ministry connections
    • Make sure that you include ministry links:
    • Make sure you include tags: – tags allow users to quickly get all the posts that have been “tagged” with a specific category, i.e. #thefishermenministry (“*” tags are recommended for every post). BE SPECIFIC AND CONSISTENT.  Share with your local communications leader any new tags that you think of or use so that we can also possibly start using them.
      • #thefishermenministry*
      • #christianfellowship*
      • #jesuschrist
      • #biblechurch

Please note, hash tags do not use spaces IN the hash tag, but between two hashtags they are used!  For example:  #thefishermenministry #tfm #christianfellowship #jesuschrist

  • When posting on ministry pages – communications directors
    • Follow the principals of what makes a “good” post
    • Always provide info for people to contact your local fellowship
    • Always give the ministry website
    • Always use good, relevant and consistent tags


  • Prayer
  • Admit our guilt whether it was intentional or not.  When we justify ourselves it’s like saying we have no sin.  When we try to justify ourselves there is no love in it.
  • Confess our faults one to another asking forgiveness from our brethren. When we mess up, do what we can to make it right, being more concerned about helping the other person, rather than trying to clear our guilt. 
  • Sorry means acknowledging our condition, apologizing is the admittance of our guilt in true repentance which should bring forth true grief. 
  • If a person doesn’t ask forgiveness, we still don’t hold a thing against someone, we extend grace unto them, otherwise our prayer life will be hindered. 
  • When we extend grace to our brethren we are taking part in God’s divine nature, when we are in God’s divine nature our prayers are answered.  If we want grace, we need to give grace. 
  • When we confess a thing it enables us to see what’s in our heart, because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. 
  • Intentions are huge, why do we want a thing or do a thing or say a thing?  Is it to consume it upon our lust?  If we want healing, why do we want it?
  • When we pray for others it takes our eyes off ourselves, which enables us to be about our father’s business. 
  • Confessing our faults is an incredible element of God’s name being hallowed in us. 
  • Effectual means effective!  It gets the job done
  • Fervent, serious, intense and heated battle.  Like Jacob wrestling with the angel.  In this we may deal with some pretty painful things, that is where the fight has to come in. 
  • If we judge ourselves we won’t be judged. 
  • Our part is to fight for the things that the Lord would have us to have.  It is serious!  Do we lay our life down, praying that the Lord’s name be hallowed. 
  • When we recognize we’re nothing, we’ll be thankful for everything we get. 
  • We have to confess our trespasses before the forgiveness comes, when we confess our faults it’s easy to forgive others their trespasses.
  • Asking in the name of Jesus means we are in Him, they are not “magic words”. 
  • We need to fight for those around us and our own soul knowing it is life or death!  That is so serious!
  • We need to go from our faith to Christ’s faith.  
  • Do not stay in “I’m a poor pitiful wretch” but rise up and walk in His victory! 
  • There is a very ugly battle that has to be waged, but we can stand in the victory of Christ understanding and knowing that I can do nothing, but in Him I can do all things. 
  • We cannot be in Him if we don’t believe Him.  If we believe the testimony of our flesh over Christ we cannot be in Him.  Our only hope is in the mercy of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The confidence we have in ourselves has to be broken down so our confidence in the Lord may prevail.  It has nothing to do with our worthiness but our belief in His worthiness.
  • Stop praying as though God isn’t there.  Stop wavering.  Pray that the Lord would strengthen and fortify us in Him!  Stop denying the power of God!
  • Who are we going to serve?  We will do what we want to do. 
  • If we’re not receiving, it has nothing to do with God not giving it to us, it is on us when we don’t receive.  We have to believe the giver. 
  • If we want to be perfected in love, the opportunity to do so will come and it is for our good and the ones we are given to love. 
  • Recognize God as GOD! He is so much higher than us!  Our prayer life may seem more like begging than asking.  Recognize our truly low station, being humble. 
  • Our prayer life may resemble pride, not humility. 
  • The law shows us we are sinners.  Stand by faith in the operation of God.  Prevail with Strength.


  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts
  • Unity and Healing.
  • Healing is a promise to any and all believers.
  • Preach the Gospel to every creature.
  • The Gospel is for those who don’t believe, because believers know the Gospel.
  • Sister Ann gave a testimony of how God healed her.
  • Believers are not to follow signs but rather believe in faith.
  • Believers have to believe to receive.
  • 1 Critical element to receiving healing is humility.
  • In Matthew 20, the work that He wants to see accomplished.
  • They immediately arose and served.  We need to immediately receive and go forward.
  • God loves YOU!  Do you believe?
  • If any of you lack ANYTHING:  wisdom, grace, mercy, health, peace, mercy etc.  ASK and it shall be given you.
  • If you want to get down to the why of why you’re sick or whatever, get honest with God and seek the truth.
  • We give way too much place to the devil.
  • My people perish for lack of knowledge.
  • Covet earnestly the best gifts.
  • The biggest problem people have with authority is that they don’t want to be accountable to anyone, not even God.
  • Most scriptural examples of seeing people fight for faith was that they fought to get close to Jesus for healing.