South Carolina Sunday Service 2017-11-26

South Carolina Sunday Service 2017-11-26

The Lord will show up mightily in uncomfortable situations if you trust Him.  If you say you love someone, prove it by serving the Lord and serving those over you.




Service Notes For Sunday 2017-11-26


  • Phillip Walthall
  • Robin Atherton


Luke 16:1-13, Romans 8, 1 Samuel 14:6-7


  • Choose this day to serve the Lord.  The Lord wants a people who are going to serve Him. 
  • Take an honest look at yourself;  look at where you’re at in your walk with Him.
  • Are you looking to believe in a comfortable place where you are?  Stepping out in faith and trusting Him is not going to feel comfortable in your natural man.  You want the flesh and the Lord, but you can’t have both.
  • There’s no faith in you seeing it all happen. Step out in faith and choose to believe God even when it looks like there’s no way out.
  • Receive the correction from your authority and you’ll receive the blessing of the Lord.  When you reject the person over you, you are rejecting the Lord.
  • If you want to be a part of His plan; lay down your life and put away idols (yourself and those things that feel good to the natural man).  The Lord will show up mightily in those uncomfortable situations if you trust Him.
  • It’s about His operation, NOT yours. Quit trying to figure out a formula.  Believe God!
  • It’s time for us now to enter into His rest;  lay aside the sin that so easily besets us.
  • The faithful one is the Lord.  He is well able.  His operation is true.  Are you willing to go forward in that?  Are you willing to believe Him?  Are you willing to choose Him?
  • The old way HAS to go. You can’t walk in the Lord and in the old ways.  No more taking heed to those old ways or that old report. 
  • God wants to bless everyone, but He can’t bless disobedience.  You cannot have anything of God if you don’t choose His way.
  • If you don’t choose;  you have made a choice. 
  • What is your excuse for your disobedience?  What is the end of your disobedience?
  • If you want to be with God, you go where He’s dwelling.  You cannot know something without doing it.
  • You are not a perfect person but you serve a perfect God.  Are you willing to choose Him and let Him to do what you cannot?
  • Things remain a mystery to you because you won’t do them.
  • Follow the Lord by serving those over you.  If you say you love someone, prove it by serving the Lord.