South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-06-28

South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-06-28
Faith is not an emotion, it’s a choice! If you will serve God He will give you clarity that will overcome emotion.

Service Notes For Sunday South Carolina 2020-06-28


  • Linda Hanger
  • Phillip Walthall
  • Steve Atherton


  • Romans 8:7, Matthew 11:12, Colossians 3:4, James 4:4-6, Matthew 10:22, Joshua 5, Genesis 32:24-32, 1 Corinthians 1:28, Luke 23:34, Philippians 3:8, Matthew 18:21-22


  • The Lord can use anybody to accomplish His will.  All believers are called to an office in the body, a minister, which means a servant.  Every believer is called to be a servant of Christ.
  • It’s a fight to make the choice to put Christ first and overcome the things of this world, first and foremost putting off your old man. There is hope in Jesus Christ, you must choose to believe Him.
  • What is important to God?  People’s souls are important to God, are they important to you?  Preach the Gospel. Will you fight with everything you have to take hold of the life divine that Jesus has for you?  Fight like Jacob, wrestling with the Lord.
  • The Church has forgotten, the reason this country had any victories against their enemies was because of God. The Church thinks they are better than anyone else, there is a lack of saltiness in the Church.  It seeks it’s own agenda, not going after the things of the Lord, not willing to be servants of Christ.
  • The only way you can go on unto perfection is by the operation of God, it is not something man can accomplish, it is only a work of God, will you allow Him to accomplish that in you?
  • You need to appreciate the things the Lord has, why would He want you in His kingdom if you don’t.
  • The Lord’s grace has been mighty toward many, it’s not there for you to continue in your ways, but so you will learn His ways.  If you won’t learn His ways, He will pull His grace back.  Continue in His grace by choosing to learn His ways and walk in them.
  • Are you willing to be used of the Lord to manifest His love and His power to others?  If you won’t, who else will?  The Lord is good, you are not, are you okay with that?  The Lord chooses the base things of this world, are you okay with being base?
  • People are offended at servitude or being a servant.  The body of Christ is a body of servants, to minister to the needs of others to bless the other.  Are you willing to be a servant?  That is what will change the hearts of others.  That is true Christianity.
  • If you are a Christian you will serve others out of love, not expecting anything in return, not judging whether or not the person is worthy or not.
  • There is a difference between grace and mercy, you don’t get mercy without asking.  It is a thing granted to the guilty who ask for it in sincerity.
  • Faith is not an emotion, it’s a choice!  If you will serve God He will give you clarity that will overcome the emotion. Forgiveness is the power that can heal everything in our land.