South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-09-13

South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-09-13

God is looking for a people who will be faithful and true.  A people who will walk in His love, laying down their own lives for others as He laid His life down for us.


Service Notes For Sunday South Carolina 2020-09-13


  • Steve Atherton


  • 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10, John 17, Acts 17:11, 1 Corinthians 1:28, 1 Kings 18, Galatians 5:6, Revelation 3:7-13


  • A polarization generally occurs right before a monumental change. Some want it and some don’t.
  • All those who believe on Christ’s name will be one with God the Father and Jesus Christ in accordance with Jesus’ prayer recorded in John 17.  The Thessalonians were the one church that achieved that.
  • The nation is in the place it is now, because there is so little love. The problem is not with God for He is love.  It is not with those outside the church because they can’t walk in God’s love.  The reason there is too little love is because the people who call themselves by His name (i.e. Christians) don’t walk in love.  Love is the only thing that will save this nation and it is solely on Christians to walk in it.
  • The church is worthless today because it does not walk by faith in love.  That is Christianity in a nutshell.  Instead, the church, much like the Jews of Jesus’ day are prideful and self-righteous.  They talk of a “rapture”, which is not a Biblical, but a sexual term because they are sensual.  They see a rapture coming which will justify them against all the wicked unbelievers, much like the Jews of Jesus’ day expected Him to justify them against the Romans.  They are as wrong as the Jews were.
  • The Word and ways of God do not come from much study, as in seminary, but by God opening your understanding and through those who receive the Word by revelation. 
  • Baal worship is false worship in God’s Church.  The worshippers of Baal in the Old Testament generally did not have a different synagogue that they went to or a different temple.  (Except the period when they went to the altars and priesthood established by Jeroboam.)  In fact, they were often the ones governing the houses of worship.  Think of the days of Elijah, Jeremiah or Jesus. Moreover, the prophets of Baal were always justifying (and finding favor with) the civil government in contrast to the true prophets of God.
  • The “American Experiment” was could man govern himself?  Governing oneself was not about the right to vote, but rather governing yourself according to God’s Word.  At the time of our nations founding the 1611 King James Bible was in every church, except the Catholic church.  If we do not govern ourselves by God’s Word then how do we expect to find justice anywhere if we don’t walk in it ourselves.  A people who won’t govern themselves get the government that they deserve.
  • The promise of the “American Experiment” to all, is that if we will govern ourselves then there will be no need for a government to govern us.  The antichrist spirit that is rising up is always supported by the prophets of Baal and it always involves the civil government growing in power and authority.  The people that look to the government (rather than God) to solve their problems, provide their needs, take care of their health and teach them what they should think embrace Baal (who is the devil) rather than the Word of God (Jesus).
  • We can see that the antichrist will walk in lying signs and wonders, but what about Christians?  Does satan have all the power?  Absolutely not, but where is the power in the church?  The Scripture says that faith worketh by love so if you aren’t seeing the power, it is either because your faith is in the wrong place or because you are not walking in love.  You are worthless.
  • God is looking for a people who will be faithful and true.  A people who will walk in His love, laying down their own lives for others as He laid His life down for us.  In order to do that you have to humble yourself before God to receive the love of the truth.  By nature we do not have that.  By nature we are carnal judging after the flesh (race, finances, appearance, etc…) and justifying ourselves.  If you make it to Heaven, it won’t be based on any of your natural attributes. It will be because you receive the love of the truth and walk by faith in love. If you do not receive the love of the truth then you will perish for God will send you strong delusion that you should believe a lie.  Which one will you be?