Texas Sunday Service 2018-11-18

Texas Sunday Service 2018-11-18

What kind of servant are you?  Are you worthy of the job you’ve taken on for God?  How dare you think yourself better than anyone else?




Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2018-11-18


  • Rick Eutsler, Jr.
  • Steven Atherton


  • 1 Samuel 15, Philippians 2


  • What kind of servant are you?
  • What does God call a good servant?  Those who took what they were given and multiplied it.
  • Serving is not about walking around asking what you can do to help someone, it’s about seeing a need and filling it.
  • If you don’t believe your minister is His, why are you sitting under that minister?
  • If you want to get really messed up, think about anything and lean on your own understanding, that will mess you up quickly.
  • God gave the people a ruler after their own hearts desire.
  • God is faithful.  If you serve faithfully, then God will honor that.
  • What kind of servant are you?  Wives to your husbands?  Men to God?
  • When you disobey the commandment of God, you’re not ignorant.
  • To transition from servant to friend, do what God tells you to do.
  • Are you worthy of the job you’ve taken on for God?
  • Saul had a track record of preferring himself and the people over God.  Look where that got him.
  • To obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.  For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.
  • God’s life is one life, it is not a work life, a family life, a church life etc.
  • There is no division in the spirit of God.
  • Service starts with you esteeming others as better than you.
  • Jesus is better than EVERY ONE of us.  Do you measure up to Him?  He is THE ONLY standard to measure up to.  How dare you think yourself better than anyone else?
  • If you’re lacking a want to do His will, you can come honestly before Him and He will give you the will and to do of His good pleasure.
  • What kind of servant have you been?  What kind of servant do you choose to be from now on?
  • Do you want all the inheritance that God has promised you?  It is available for you to receive today, you don’t have to wait, you just have to choose to serve and obey.
  • Your God vs my God.  When Saul talked about your God, it implied that His God was not the same God served by those he was talking about and that Saul did not have a real relationship with God.