Texas Sunday Service 2020-11-01

Texas Sunday Service 2020-11-01

Be not afraid, only believe. It’s the message of the entire Word. Believe God, let HIM perform miracles, you can’t!



Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2020-11-01


  • Carter Price


  • Luke 4:18-19, Mark 5:1-43, Mark 10:46-52, Mark 4:35, 1 Peter 5:7


  • Have you ever been held captive from something that you couldn’t break free from?
  • Have you been bruised and Jesus set you free, you have a testimony of God’s goodness upon you.
  • Mark 5:1-5 – He was “crazy”.  People want to bind up those who are “crazy” so they can’t get out among people.
  • Mark 5:15 – He was free and in his right mind.  Jesus did that for him.
  • Mark 5:19-20 – Jesus told him to spread the Word of his testimony and he did and all men marvelled.
  • Jesus delivered a man of spiritual bondage, Jesus delivered a woman of a plague because her faith in God made her whole.
  • Be not afraid, only believe. That’s the message of the entire Word.
  • All you have to do is believe God!
  • There is nothing (physical, mental, death itself) that Jesus can’t fix.  He was sent to free them in captivity, heal the brokenhearted, there is no situation God can not handle for someone’s sake.
  • Mark 10:47 – He cried out to Jesus saying “Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.”  He believed Jesus was able to do for him what he wanted, to have his sight back, but he believed God instead of the people.
  • In Mark 10:51 the man approached God with humility.
  • Believe God and let HIM perform the miracles, because you can not!
  • God gave all a measure of faith, but where do you put that faith?
  • Is your faith in Christ alone?
  • We serve a God who is able to overcome death and raise us from the dead.