Texas Sunday Service 2020-12-27

Texas Sunday Service 2020-12-27

Yield to what the Lord is working out of you.  Repent before you stand in front of God.

Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2020-12-27


  • Micah Asberry
  • Bob Hicks
  • Rick Eutsler


  • Galatians 6:10, 2 Timothy 4:2, Revelation 12:11, Proverbs 3:5, Galatians 5:22


  • Don’t dwell on the mess you have made.  You need to look for opportunities to serve the Lord.
  • A minister should be looking for opportunities to serve and preach the Gospel, sometimes using words.
  • There are opportunities everywhere.  Preach about that which you have experienced and mistakes you have made and learnt from in having the right attitude.
  • Serving others is about getting past yourself and being all about them.
  • If you are in Christ there is no failure.
  • Choices happen all the time but it is how you handle them and what you do about them that matters.
  • The word of your testimony shows what the Lord has done for you when you believed on Him and trusted Him.
  • There is no good thing in you, so give it to the Lord and rely on Him to do the work, because you can do nothing without Him.
  • If you pray and walk away, He will not answer your request, because you asked in unbelief and He will not hear that.
  • Prayer for patience brings tribulation because that is how you learn patience!
  • If you wait for your flesh to agree with God, it will never happen.
  • Repent before you stand in front of God and yield to what the Lord is working out of you.
  • Corrupt communication is unbelief – unbelief is evil.
  • Labor against unbelief.