Vermont Sunday Service 2017-09-17

Vermont Sunday Service 2017-09-17

Our plan, my plan, your plan, may not be God’s plan.



Service Notes For Sunday 2017-09-17


  • Jim Cannon
  • Raul Sanchez
  • Michael Krause


1 Peter 4, Isaiah 40:31, Proverbs 3:56, Ephesians 5:6


  • Serving God and what it means for us as Christians.
  • In the flesh we see no way we can serve the Lord Jesus Christ in how He served us.
  • We are not to worry about what other people are doing.  We need to focus on what it is that Jesus Christ has for them.  That trusting in Jesus will bring them through
  • If the righteous scarcely be saved?  This is a very serious statement.
  • We get too wrapped up in ourselves, with our own struggles.  We need to remember Jesus has overcome all that stuff and refocus your eyes on Him.  The little we suffer here is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered for us. Also nothing compared to the glory we will experience in Heaven.
  • We have to exercise our faith.  We have to get up in the morning and put it to work.
  • Our plan, my plan, your plan, may not be God’s plan.  Did Joseph know God’s plan when he was sold into slavery, when he rebuffed Potiphar’s wife, spent 13 years in prison?
  • Moses is another example; adopted by pharaoh’s daughter, lives in the king’s house.  Eventually flee’s Egypt to wander as a shepherd in the desert until God called him back to service.
  • David is another example.
  • Paul’s trip to Jerusalem is yet another example of his plan vs God’s plan.
  • The only way to move forward in faith is to stop walking in disobedience.
  • Ephesians 5:6 – wrath of God against the children of disobedience.