2018 Tent Revival - South Carolina

2018 Tent Revival - South Carolina

Do you want to enter the kingdom of God?  The church has 31 “flavors” and everyone has a church that they like or don’t.  What about finding the Church that Christ likes?

April 23rd to April 28th, 2018.

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2018-04-23 to 2018-04-28 – Cottageville, South Carolina Tent Revival


  • Steven Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall
  • Megan Atherton


  • John 3


  • God knows we’re weak, sinful and capable of no good things without Him.  When you find Jesus Christ you learn more about yourself than you ever wanted to know.
  • If you are salty you salt everything around you.
  • Unless people begin recognizing the problem begins with themselves, things will continue to decline rapidly.
  • Jesus will never take your free will.
  • Jesus Christ does not change, He is the same forever.
  • Considering others before yourself is what it is to be a Christian.
  • Jesus was an ambassador as we should be.
  • There’s only one set of laws to achieve perfect peace – love the Lord God first and love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Do you want to enter the kingdom of God?  If you want the things of the kingdom of God you’ll never be disappointed.
  • When you know the grace, mercy, power and love of God, it’s impossible to not be grateful.  He wants us to be blessed.  It’s by His grace we receive.


  • Steven Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall
  • Megan Atherton


  • Mark 8:15, Romans 7:14, John 3:16, John 17:5, 2 Chronicles 7:14


  • When you lift up your hands to praise the Lord, how much can you hold onto?  Nothing.  That’s what the Lord asks of us.  Let everything go.
  • Just like 31 Flavors of ice-cream, the church has 31 “flavors” and everyone has a church that they like or don’t.  What about finding the Church that Christ likes?
  • God knows precisely what to do in every situation, call upon Him for help and trust Him.
  • The disciples did not understand everything and walk in perfect obedience from the beginning.  You can understand and walk in perfect obedience just as they did.
  • America is divided because Christ is not the center.  There is a way out in Christ for every single one of us.
  • You can’t live the golden rule unless you have the one that has the gold, Jesus.
  • Jesus is something to celebrate!
  • Joy is a gift of God you walk in by faith.
  • God sees a heart of unbelief as evil.  Get your faith in the right place.
  • Jesus died for the world.  The only way people will know the truth is if people walk in it.
  • The church is walking in wickedness and calling it righteousness.
  • There’s no place He can’t turn around, but the change has to start with us.
  • He is my Savior, I cannot save myself.  Do things by faith in Christ.  If you believe God, He will be manifest.
  • He wants to do a wonder but you have to want it.


  • Steven Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall


  • John 17:3, Hosea 4:1-8, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Mark 10:28-30


  • We need to know God, not just know of Him.  Doing what He would have us do, not leaning on what we think.  That will get us into heaven.
  • God is the Savior of the body which is the church, and if you’re not in the body then you are not saved.
  • It is time for us to take our place in the body, stepping up and taking the responsibility of faith.  Responsibility is a choice but it is also a habit that is taught.
  • The leaven of the Pharisees are those in the Church who think they’re righteous.
  • If we will humble ourselves and recognize we have no righteousness, Jesus will give us His own righteousness. 
  • When we are dwelling in Christ Jesus we lay our life down and pick up Christ’s life. 
  • Truth is almost non-existent in the world and in church.
  • Mercy creates an environment where we can speak the truth.  It opens the door where we can get free.
  • We’ve turned from faith in God, to faith in the government.
  • We are establishing an army who will operate in truth and in mercy.
  • We receive mercy only when we acknowledge we are wrong.
  • To have the knowledge of God, we just have to want it.  If a person wants to know the truth it doesn’t matter where they are, there’s nothing Jesus Christ cannot accomplish, we have to put off the things of ourselves.
  • Jesus only did what His father showed Him to do.  We can do the same because it was the Holy Spirit who accomplished it in Jesus and Jesus gave us that same Holy Spirit.
  • If we want the abundant life of Christ we have to abundantly lay our life down.  The only love that is perfect is the love of God, He is love. 
  • If we want things to change it is going to take sacrifice on our part.
  • When we give all, we get all, the whole kingdom.


  • Steven Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall


  • Psalm 133, Proverbs 13:10, James 4:6, Hebrews 12:6, Mark 8:15, John 15:1-3, Matthew 6:19-34


  • It’s not about a man or woman, but about Jesus Christ.
  • The grace of God is not being poured out but being pulled back.
  • We cannot walk in God’s ways if we are still walking in our own. 
  • As the church began to depart from the Word of God there came a darkness and people began to be blind. 
  • Anybody can walk in the power of the Lord, ANYBODY! All it takes is for us to believe God and He will move. 
  • Joy comes from the Lord, not from the circumstances around us. 
  • Two people can do the same thing, one be right and one be wrong.  The motive determines which it is.
  • When we listen to other people we can hear where they’re coming from.  Then we can minister in love.  If we love the Lord God and one another there is no basis for contention.   
  • Jesus didn’t come to save our flesh, He came to save our soul.  There is nothing we can offer for our salvation, that’s why He died for us.  The nature of our flesh/old man doesn’t change, it is sinful and will always be.
  • We don’t have to do anything to be saved but believe on God.
  • When we are one with God we can do the things Christ did.
  • If we want to receive the things of the Kingdom of God we have to let go of the things of this world and grab the things of the Lord with both hands.
  • The Lord knows how to take our screwed up situations and turn it into something good and draw us nigh unto Him.
  • If we are going to be like Jesus, we have to be willing to sacrifice time and resources as Jesus did.  
  • We have a refuge in Christ Jesus, we don’t need to worry about anything, everything we need is in Him and He is well able to provide it! 
  • There is not a divide in this world that His grace and mercy isn’t big enough to fill.


  • Steven Atherton
  • Phillip Walthall


  • Hebrews 3:7-15, Mark 5:1-19, John 4:4-34, Matthew 6:33, John 17:3, Romans 6, John 5: 30, Matthew 7: 13-27, 1 Corinthians 13, John 1:12, John 14:12-15, Hosea 4:6


  • When we are honest with the Lord and ourselves we can be set free, and partake of the joy of the Lord.  Doing things as unto the Lord brings the joy of the Lord. 
  • Jesus is our Rock, our sure foundation that cannot be moved. 
  • New life has to happen in us first before we can take it out to others. 
  • Nobody can stop us from receiving a new life in Christ if we want it.  Not your husband, not your wife, not your parents, not your boyfriend or girlfriend, not your teacher, not a single person can stop you from receiving if YOU want it.
  • Jesus honors people’s free will. 
  • The Lord is not a respecter of persons, that is man’s ways.  He revealed Himself unto the people, the religious people would reject.
  • Do we want the things of the world or the things of the Lord?
  • We cannot worship the Lord in spirit unless we have His spirit.  We have to be born again of the Spirit. 
  • The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, each perform a different baptism, the Blood, the Water and the Spirit.
  • The Lord is able to search the hearts of the people and give them what they need through His people.
  • When we are pressed upon, it is a good thing as it should keep us on the straight and narrow.  It is uncomfortable to our flesh but our spirit rejoices. 
  • Jesus has no fellowship with our flesh, our fleshly body is not the temple of the Lord.  When we are trying to make our flesh pretty to satisfy people we are offering the sacrifice of Cain.
  • Jesus is the head of the Church which is the body, wherever He goes, those who are His should go as well. 
  • Is our life about seeking the will of the Father or are we seeking our own will and expecting God to bless us in it?  Are we God’s servants or are we trying to make Him our servant?
  • When we become the sons of God there is nothing that Jesus did that we can’t do. 
  • We think we can offer a thing that is of value to Him, that is pride, we have nothing to offer.
  • When we put our hope and trust in Jesus, we are building our house upon the Rock. 
  • There is nothing that compares to the joy of the Lord!  He is the only thing that will satisfy.  The freedom and joy is here and available for anyone who will partake of it.
  • When we stand up in the truth it will provoke others to do the same. 
  • Jesus takes us as we are and works with us to get shed of the things that are not of Him.


  • Steven Atherton


  • 2 Chronicles 7:14, John 1:14, Proverbs 28:1, Luke 17:33, John 14:6, Hebrews 4:1-2, Galatians 3:11, Romans 14:23, Mark 8:15, Romans 13:1-2, Colossians 1:18, Ezekiel 33:1-6, Luke 18:10-14, John 16:33, Luke 10:19, John 1:12, Ephesians 4:11-13, Ephesians 6:12-17


  • People think the problem with this world are those who are outside the church, the problems are actually the people in the church.  We, the body of Christ, need to accept responsibility.
  • When we are praying we are declaring where our faith and our hope is.
  • How much time do we spend seeking to know Jesus?  Jesus is our nourishment and guidance that we need to continue our daily walk. 
  • Where is the determination to confront the lies?  The ones who should stand in that determination are those who are called by Christ’s name.  The people in the churches and this country are dying spiritually, because the Word of God, which feeds the Spirit, is not given anymore. 
  • Churches don’t agree on much of anything, there is a different flavor to please everyone’s appetite.  We should be able to go to any church and hear the same thing.  THE Word of God!
  • Until we humble ourselves, pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways, God will not even hear us. 
  • There is only one way to the Father, Jesus is THE way, THE truth and THE life. 
  • The just shall live by faith not by sight, sight is comfortable, we’re called to be bold as a lion not comfortable.  Anything we do which is not of faith is sin. 
  • Our citizenship is of the Kingdom of God, when we let the government be out Lord and not Jesus, we are bowing our knee to Satan.  God establishes the government in the Church, Jesus being the head. 
  • God created man, man created government.  The government is to be our servant, not our master. 
  • If we resist the powers that God established we shall receive damnation.
  • The Bible wasn’t written by man, but by God! 
  • We are all welcome at His table, doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve done. 
  • God establishes in every generation, a watchman like Ezekiel, to warn the people. 
  • People believe the leaven of Herod because their faith has departed from Jesus Christ. 
  • The devil loves religion, Jesus hates religion.  He wants a relationship not religion.  He wants to share His power, to do all the things that would minister to others and magnify God the Father.
  • The Lord does not command our flesh to love Him, it is cursed, it will die.  We don’t have to, He has given us power through His Holy Spirit to overcome the cursed flesh and walk after Him in Spirit and truth.
  • We need to study the Word, to know the truth, so we recognize a lie.  
  • There are three baptisms, the blood, the water and the spirit.
  • We’ve got a very serious job to do, making Jesus first, being willing to give up all, if necessary, so others may come to see and know the love of Christ, so they know there is a choice and can make it.
  • God needs a people that will lose their life for Christ’s sake.