Vermont Sunday Service 2018-11-25

Vermont Sunday Service 2018-11-25

Jesus first.  It’s all about Jesus.  Do it His way.


Service Notes For Sunday Vermont 2018-11-25


  • Jim Cannon
  • Scott Stevens
  • Gail Stevens


  • Romans 10:8-9, Titus 2:10, Mark 16:15, Ephesians 3, Luke 17:20, Romans 4:21, Genesis 1:3, 1 Peter 5:8


  • Hearing about something is different than hearing something.
  • Are we ashamed to know Jesus Christ?
  • We need to get Jesus Christ back as the head of this country.
  • People have hope in all kinds of different things, we have hope in Jesus Christ.
  • The apostles and prophets were given power from God to provide the Word, the knowledge and the mysteries to us.
  • The unsearchable riches of Christ are beyond the things of science, technology and research.
  • The hardest place for us to pass through is to think we have to do something to please God.
  • Our task as Christians is to keep the Word to give to others.
  • We are in a real war.
  • Lucifer got too big for his britches and got kicked out of Heaven.
  • Jesus first.  It’s all about Jesus.  Do it His way.
  • Don’t give the devil any place because he will do anything to bring you down.
  • Fight for love, fight for hope, fight for faith.