Texas Wednesday Service 2020-09-02

Texas Wednesday Service 2020-09-02

Nothing can stand against God’s Word.  Take heed to it by choice. You cannot take heed to the Word of God and perish.



Service Notes For Wednesday Texas 2020-09-02


  • Robin Atherton


  • Acts 27, Jeremiah 38, Hebrews 3:13, Esther, Luke 22:39-42, Luke 23:34-42, John 19:26, Daniel, Hebrews 12:1, 2 Timothy 4:6-8, Job, Philippians 2:12


  • There’s nothing that can stand against God’s Word.  You must take heed to it by choice.
  • In the natural, the things that it takes to stand in the Word of God are not comfortable. 
  • You have a choice, you cannot take heed to the Word of God and perish. 
  • There is a pure Word, always available for people to have. God preserves His Word from generation to generation. 
  • It’s time to, with all seriousness, take heed and do God’s business. Taking heed to what is going to be coming orally from the servants of God. There is nothing more important right now than to operate in the Lord’s way, not your own. 
  • Will you believe that nothing can stand against the Word of God? Will you stand in that? You haven’t been standing with God’s Word, that’s the problem. 
  • Will you believe God is bigger than anyone and anything? If you do that’s a minister of Christ. You won’t look at the person and get hung up on their capabilities but will look to God for His ability to accomplish His will in them. 
  • If you will prepare your heart, to stand and press forth, the Lord will move. Come into obedience to God, faith obeys and stands up and walks in it. 
  • Will you do the work that God has set for you, so you can finish your course like Paul the Apostle. 
  • Think on the things of God, not on self, how you look, feel, etc…
  • If you want the things to change, you will walk in a manner that will change them. It’s time to cease from rebellion. Things will only change with repentance and allowing the light of the Lord to come in and change us. 
  • This is a time of warfare and we want Christ to win not only for ourselves but for every soul out there! For the sake of everybody else.