A Letter To The Church

A Letter To The Church
By:  Richard D. Eutsler, Sr.
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I feel that some of you when you read this will probably think that I am a little crazy or that I have lost what sense I have had.

I don’t think of myself as a super spiritual individual or as a “Great” prophet. But, I do receive the Prophet’s message from time to time.

I do spend quite a bit of time “listening” to the Lord. I believe that the biggest problem today is that not enough people “listen” to the Lord.

A good example is given with Elijah. God spoke to Elijah and told him that He had spoken to a woman and commanded her to feed Elijah. But when Elijah got there she didn’t know anything about it! It wasn’t that God hadn’t told her, it was that she wasn’t listing!

So it is with many of God’s people today. He talks to them but they don’t take the time to listen.

I hope when you read this you will understand that God is wanting ALL of His people to come back to the place where they hear His voice and Do His will!

Richard D. Eutsler, Sr.

A Letter To The Church

As I was praying and ministering to the Lord one night, I came to the point when I am quiet and wait to hear from Him. I have to admit that it is hard to do that!  For every time I try to listen to the Lord my mind tends to become very active.  I have to, with prayer, force it to become quiet.

It was during this time that The Holy Spirit began to speak to me. Before I tell you what He said, let me first say this.

I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, One God, yet three.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

I believe that one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is to teach us all that God the Father has for us to know about Jesus and what He did for US!

This is why I listen to Him and that is why I am writing this down.

He began speaking to me in this fashion:

“Richard”, a voice said. So immediately, being in the spirit and knowing that I had asked God to speak to me and believing that He would, I got up and asked my wife if she had called me. She said, “no.” It was then that I remembered Samuel and how God had called him by name and he thought it was Eli.

As I was sitting quietly and thinking on this I heard the voice again, “Richard”, it said. “Yes, Lord,” I said. “I want you to take a letter,” the voice said. I asked the voice, “who are you?” And the reply was, “I am Jesus, the One who died for you, and now lives!” “Yes Lord, let me get some paper,” I said. “No. I will give it to you and you will remember it,” He said.

“Ok, Lord but why me?” I said. “You will understand after I tell you what to write,” the Lord said.

“I want you to write a letter to the churches,” He began, “and say everything that I say that I tell you to write. Tell them that it has been a long time since they have received a letter from me. Not because I haven’t wanted them to receive one but because they would not receive it and because I could not find anyone willing to write it down.” “But Lord,” I said, “why haven’t you found anyone who would write it down?” “Be quiet,” He said, “and you will understand.”

“To all of My people who will hear My voice and listen to My words. You have much learning, and many teachers. But your learning and your teachers are not from me! I tell you in My Word to become like children and to be simple. But you seek to become wise and have MUCH learning.”

“Your teachers have told you that I don’t work today like I did in the ‘old’ days. They say that I don’t have prophets today and that I have withdrawn My power from the church. That is because they not only don’t have My Power, they don’t want to listen to anyone who does! They are not working for me! They are working for themselves.”

“Your teachers tell you that the Bible is a Book written by men. That you can’t take it literally. I tell you that it is not a book! The Bible is a collection of Letters that I have written to you as I poured out my heart in Love for you to receive me!”

“How many of you, would take your mailmen when they deliver your mail and beat them and abuse them for serving you so well every day? How many of you would call up the secretary of a big corporation and abuse her, or him, for typing a letter sent from the president of that company?”

“Yet, when I ask someone to write what I say, you act as if the person I gave it to is responsible for the contents and not I! I send my mailmen to you to deliver the letter and you curse him and beat him! How foolish you are! The writers of the Bible were only people. But they were people that I CHOSE! I gave them My Words and they wrote them down.”

“Today I am sending you another letter. And I will require it of you! You are not to abuse My Prophets! I send them to you to teach you the truth and to warn you of me!”

“Harden not your hearts, and listen to My Spirit when I speak to you. Open your hearts to My Word and believe! Then will I speak to you also and I will give you power to overcome all things whatsoever should come against you! I will open your eyes so that you can see the Love that I have for you.”

“Receive My mailmen when I send them to you. You will know them by their Power and by their Love! I send them in My Name and in My Power. If you receive them, you receive me. If you reject them, you reject me.”

“Lord,” I said, “What if they don’t receive this?” “What is that to you?” He said. “It is not for you to bring people to me. It is for My Spirit! I call who I will! It is for you to feed My sheep!”

“What shall I tell them Lord?” I asked.

“Tell them that I have seen their works! How hard they work! Yet their works are not My works! Many are they that say they are sent by Me. They beat the breast and shout many words. But their words are not My words. They strike the rock in their own name and not mine! They build great buildings and say, ‘look what we have done’, and they say, ‘we can’t say what Peter said, money have I none’. And true it is. But they can’t say the rest of what he said either! Rise up and walk!”

“My pleasure is not in big fancy buildings, but in a contrite heart. A heart that is fast to do My Will!”

“My people are still in the desert. They refuse to cross over into the land that I have given them. It is not a land that is built with hands! It is land that is built with My Word and My Spirit!”

“Just as Moses did not obey, so have many of My prophets refused to obey. Therefore I will raise up other prophets, even like Joshua. They will walk in power and they will obey My voice. I will do wonders in them and the people will know that I am with them. They will reject the knowledge of the world and count it as dung. My knowledge is the knowledge that they will seek. And I shall give it to them.”

“Today if you will humble yourselves and pray. If you will seek My will and not your own. I will give of My Spirit to all who ask and I will walk with you and all the people will know it,”

After the Lord gave me these things, I wish that I could say that the first thing I did was go and write them down. But I didn’t. Instead I lay there awhile and thought on them. I began to preach on them and almost everyone that heard me came against what I said. “Who was this man,” they said, “that we should listen to him?” It has taken me a long time, but I have finally quit fighting the Lord and I have obeyed Him.

You see, this may sound cold to some of you, but I really don’t care if you don’t believe what I have written or even if you don’t believe what I have written is from the Lord or not. What I do care about is, What Jesus thinks of me!

I, through my own disobedience, was taken out of the ministry for three years. Then in 1981, Jesus called me back and gave me another chance. So you see, I won’t make the same mistake twice, by the Grace of God and Savior, Jesus Christ! He told me that He would restore everything back to me and all I was to do was to obey Him. So that is what I seek to do.

May your heart be tender to His Spirit.

Richard D. Eutsler, Sr.