God always honors faith!

God always honors faith!

Texas Wednesday Service – 06/21/2017


  • Robin Atherton


  • Psalm 19:1-14
  • Romans 7:7
  • Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Joshua
  • 1 Corinthians 4:3
  • John 5:44


  • Provision is made for the Lord’s people.
  • The body should be mindful to seek out and make available the needs of others.
  • The glory of God is made manifest for all to see.
  • The law was a schoolmaster, to show us our need for a savior.
  • The Bible is the most perfect and sure Word of God.
  • Choose against our own understanding.
  • The Lord wants us to be blessed.
  • Nothing will satisfy or bring any good thing but the Word of the Lord in our life and heart by faith.
  • God is always going to bless and honor faith.
  • If we want to be clean, we need to allow the Lord truly to take over every part of our life, submitting it unto Him.
  • Coming under obedience is the only way to be right with Him.
  • We don’t have to understand what the Lord is having us do, do it in faith.
  • There is no grace in heaven we need to learn it here.
  • Desire the things of the Lord above all else.
  • Our confidence needs to be in the Lord only.
  • Honor from men is nothing, seek honor from God ONLY!