Linda Hanger's Testimony

Linda Hanger's Testimony

In 1998 I was out of work and looking for a job or some kind work.  I had been self employed but was willing to take any kind of work even if it meant working a full time job on location.  I accepted a job with a man who did not seem to appreciate my skills.  I am an accountant by trade, or as some would describe as a full charge bookkeeper.  In the south it seems most men who are of the south seem to think all women who work in offices are secretaries.  They just can’t seem to grasp the idea that women are capable of anything more than that.  This man was of that persuasion.  At this time in my life I was searching for the Lord in my life.  Yes I knew of Him in the past, as a child we were invited to a local Church of the Nazarene.  Then again in my early 20’s I went to a Baptist Church that a friend of mine was attending and I was even baptized there.  But like most of us, I backslid.  I was pulled away by the things of this world.

One day I was driving to this new job feeling sorry for myself, feeling like I just couldn’t take it anymore with this employer.  In my search for the Lord I started watching Charles Stanley on tv, Baptists believe once saved always saved, so I thought that maybe it wasn’t too late, maybe the Lord would take me back.  Also in my search for the Lord I was looking for a Christian radio station and there just happened to be a new black gospel station starting that was advertising around the area.  I had been listening to it for about a month or so by now.  On one particular day I was heading to this job and this song started playing on the radio by Fred Hammond called Jesus, please don’t pass me by.  I had heard this several times before but when I heard it this time it just hit home and I cried out to Jesus, “Jesus please don’t pass me by”.  Just a few minutes after that I received a call from another company interested in hiring me and at a rate that was more in line with my skill level.  I went to the interview, and they were not only interested but were also willing to entertain the idea of having me work as a subcontractor. The next day I gave notice to that employer.

Jesus heard my cry and reached down and pulled me out of that pit that I was in.  In the meantime I was still looking for a Church but was afraid to just walk into any Church without knowing anyone.  A client, friend of mine had just started going to her mother in-law’s Church and I asked if I could go to her Church.  I did, and attended for a couple of years.

I was in the habit of doing a business mailing every couple of years in the winter when things slowed down.  It was in the winter of 2000 that I did this particular mailing.  Evidently the Lord was looking out for me when I did this mailing.  Rick had received one of my brochures sometime in November but didn’t call me until the next spring.  Rick called me for help with his accounting and we hit it off right away.  Rick and I eventually shared an office in the fish house.  Even though Rick was having Bible study there every Wednesday night I was reluctant to join.  But one night I stayed for Bible study, and even though I continued at the Baptist Church for a while I never stopped going to the Bible study with the Fishermen Ministry and I am still here today.  While I was at the Baptist church I believe the Lord had a reason for me to be there, then I needed the baby food of the gospel because I was a baby in the faith.  When I had gotten to point where my soul was not satisfied any longer attending the Baptist Church I prayed to the Lord for direction.  I said “Lord, if I do not get elected for a position on the finance team at the Baptist Church this year I will take that as a sign that you would like me to leave the Baptist Church and go fully into the Fishermen Ministry”.  Not only did I not get elected for any position on the finance team, I did not get elected for any position in that Church at all.

The Lord gave me a clear sign that the Fishermen Ministry was where He wanted me to be.  Praise God, His mercy endures forever.

Linda Hanger