South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-07-19

South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-07-19

The grace of God is so much bigger than you think.


Service Notes For Sunday South Carolina 2020-07-19


  • Phillip Walthall


  • 2 Timothy 2:1, 1 Peter 4:12, Psalm 133


  • The grace of God is so much bigger than you think. When everything testifies against you, when you can see you are undeserving, it’s in that place you can have compassion.
  • Stop trying to look good, it’s all about the Lord’s grace.  In order to go forward in the Lord you need to be strong in the grace in Christ Jesus.  Grace covers sin.
  • So often you don’t receive the good things of God because you think you don’t deserve them. You don’t deserved them! But they’re there for you anyway.
  • It’s never been about your deserving them. It’s all about Christ and what He has done.
  • For you to partake in the new life fully you have to let go of your life. If you want to get stronger in a thing you have to put more weights on, you have to train; you have to love within your household first, then within the body, then without.
  • What makes you think you’re going to be a great minister of the gospel if you cannot love those close to you? 
  • Stop looking for a magic wand and let the Lord show you the way in which He does it. Learn to operate in charity.
  • The Lord is good, He is gracious.  Choose those blessings that are right there in front of you. 
  • Submit unto the Lord, stop fighting against what the Lord is doing in you unto your perfection.
  • If you’re going to go forward in the love of God, judgement comes first to the house of God. Be in a place to stand in that judgement because His judgement is good. That judgement can perfect you in Him.