Elijah School for the Prophets

Elijah School for the Prophets

              Welcome to the Elijah School for the Prophets or ESFTP for short.  By our name, we honor that which the Prophets Elijah and his disciple Elisha set up during a time of great apostasy (or departing from the faith) in ancient Israel.  Our methods closely follow what Jesus and His disciples did in the early church as recorded in the Gospels and the Book of Acts, as expanded upon in the Epistles.

            What distinguished Jesus’ doctrine from the other religious leaders in the Jewish Church of His day was that His doctrine was with power of the Holy Ghost.  The same was true of His ministers from the days of Abraham through the entire recorded history of His dealings with man through both the Old and New Testaments.  In other words, doctrine matters.  For that reason, we have organized the great wealth of materials (in written, audio and video form) that we have and are making them freely available to all that anyone interested in understanding God’s rightly divided Word can do so free of charge and at their own pace.

            The purpose of ESFTP is to teach believers God’s ways that they may take their place in the Body of Christ and walk in that calling that Christ has for them.  Just as every member of your body performs some useful function, so every believer is called to minister (i.e. serve) in the Lord.  There are no pew warmers in the Kingdom of God.

            The way God trains His ministers to take their place in His Body is through discipleship.  Each discipleship relationship is unique because every person and the work the Lord calls them to do is unique.  The way the men and women of the Bible that we all esteem were used by the Lord and their presentations to the world differed remarkably. That same diversity should be seen in His Body today.  If you are interested in taking your place in Christ’s Body, know that we are pleased to help you.  So, take a look around, check out our offerings and get in touch with us if you are interested in entering into a discipleship relationship.  It is through the discipleship relationship that we will be able to tailor our work with you to meet your unique needs in Christ.


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Self-Study Curriculum

Jesus’ doctrine was with power.  Walking in the power of God is the birthright of all believers, but it hinges on sound doctrine as God’s Spirit moves to confirm the Word spoken not a person or denomination.



Music Ministry

Heaven is filled with singing and so should Christ’s Church here be.  We teach all how to incorporate music into their daily lives.




Ministerial opportunities abound, but people often do not see them because they are too busy trying to fit into some ministerial mold that they believe they have to fit into rather than serving Him as and where they are.


The credentials of the Holy Spirit are what matter and are manifested in the five-fold ministry laid out in Ephesians 4.  We issue ministerial credentials to disciples in recognition of what the Lord is doing in and through them.




Discipleship is God’s way to train believers to take their place in Christ’s Body and walk their callings out by faith in love.




Believers grow in faith and love by exercise.  Therefore after we show our students how to do a thing, we give them plenty of opportunities to exercise themselves in the faith and love.