ESFTP YEAR 2 Self Study


This will be drawn from the Men’s Tuesday Night Bible Studies.

We recommend that the student give 1 hour a day, 5 days a week for 250 hours a year.  This will enable a systematic and detailed study of much of the New Testament.  While not the order in which I anticipate people studying the New Testament, I believe the following will be critical:

    1. Gospels.  At least one (John because Jesus establishes the line of authority clearly and many of the central promises of the Gospel to believers) and preferably at least two (maybe Mark because it is shorter and focuses on the power of God).
    2. Acts.  Critical because it shows the early church in operation and sets the stages then for what we read in the Epistles.
    3. Epistles.  We recommend all of them, but see the following to be the most important in rough order of importance:
      1. Ephesians Men’s Bible Studies
      2. Romans Men’s Bible Studies
      3. Galatians Men’s Bible Studies
      4. Hebrews
      5. 1 Timothy Men’s Bible Studies
      6. 2 Timothy Men’s Bible Studies
      7. Titus Men’s Bible Studies
      8. 1 & 2 Thessalonians
      9. 1 Corinthians Men’s Bible Studies
      10. Colossians Men’s Bible Studies
      11. Philippians Men’s Bible Studies
      12. Jude Men’s Bible Studies
      13. 1 Peter
      14. 1 John Men’s Bible Studies
      15. 2 Peter
      16. James
      17. 2 Corinthians
      18. Philemon
      19. 2nd & 3rd John