Topical Scripture References


We believe that the Word of God speaks for itself.  Over the years, we have found that there are certain topics that come up regularly.  Scriptures relating to many of those topics can be found in our Topical Scripture Reference section.

12 Forbidden Occult Practices
The occult is everywhere in today’s world, from Disney to Harry Potter. What follows are passages from the Bible that will help you to recognize…
Alcoholics and alcoholism, with scripture references to strong drink, being drunken, being drunk, drinking in excess, as well as Scriptures to help deliver you from…
Backsliding – What is backsliding? What does it mean to backslide? Scriptural references explain backsliding and how God deals with it.
What does the Bible say about baptism? Scripture references to baptism of blood, baptism of water, baptism in the holy spirit are included here.
Discouragement is a common ailment as the Scriptures that follow attest, but we do not have to remain there. The Scriptures that follow teach us…
Familiar Spirits
Many people talk about being “spiritual” as being a good thing. The Scripture tells us to “try the spirits whether they are of God”. 1…
Scriptures explaining fasting. Why should you fast? What is the purpose of fasting? Is fasting a good thing? Read what the Bible says on the…
Do you fear? Seek the Lord for He is able to deliver you from the fear, the feebleness, the terror and replace it with strength,…
Finances are covered in Scripture. Poverty, begging, being cut off, faithfulness leading to all things being added unto you, prospering in the Lord and having…
Most Christians profess that they want to know Christ and what He would have them do. These passages show you how to do that.
Scriptures relating to healing, which is still applicable today. God doesn’t change and God heals, delivers, restores, gives life and much more.
Prayer Enjoined
Scriptural references to prayers we are encouraged to voice before the Lord. These include but are not limited to praying for strength, courage, boldness, forgiveness,…
Rapture: Catching Away
There are many songs and much contention in Christian circles about the Rapture or Catching Away. Find Scriptures relating to the subject here.
Scriptural references to salvation including the most famous one: John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that…
Most Christians know that we are saved by grace, through faith, not of works lest we boast (Eph. 2:8-9) and yet many if not most…
Study The Word
Why is it important to study the Word of God? Scripture references that cover learning, reading, seeking, searching, studying daily and the reasons to do…
The Works of the Holy Spirit
Many people have spiritual experiences, but what are the works of the Holy Spirit? Read what the Bible says here.
Tithing is a source of much contention in Christianity today. Read what the Scriptures say about it here.
Some Christians believe in “tongues” and some do not. Find out what the Scriptures say.
Witnessing - Testifying
Most Christians know that they are commanded by the Lord to bear witness of the Lord and testify of what He has done for them.…