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Welcome to our Volunteers Page.  This is where you can learn and follow along with us as we work with people the Lord sends our way.  As you review our current postings, do note that many of our volunteers have left all to work at Grace Ranch and/or train for the ministry and therefore have little or no income.  For most, we provide their food and housing, but that leaves them little or nothing for personal needs.  If you would like to assist them know that your entire gift (excepting bank charges) will go directly to them.  Such gifts are alms and are not tax-deductible.  Instead, the Lord promises you a greater blessing for such gifts.  He promises that you will have treasure in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

Volunteer - Cheryl Eutsler

Volunteer – Cheryl Eutsler

Cheryl Eutsler is a thirty three year old volunteer at Grace Ranch and our worship leader. She also is in ...
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Volunteer - Micah Asberry

Volunteer – Micah Asberry

Micah Asberry is a twenty one year old volunteer at Grace Ranch. Micah came to us when he was 19 ...
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Volunteer - Robert Hicks

Volunteer – Robert Hicks

Robert Hicks is our 60 year old volunteer Ranch Foreman and Grace Ranch Pastor. Bob is a Navy Veteran and ...
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Volunteer - Carter Price

Volunteer – Carter Price

Carter Price is a 47 year old volunteer at Grace Ranch who is in training for the ministry. Carter had ...
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Volunteer - Margaret Schilke

Volunteer – Margaret Schilke

Margaret Schilke is a 34 year old wife, mother and volunteer at Grace Ranch who is in training for the ...
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Volunteer - Corey Sweet

Volunteer – Corey Sweet

Corey Sweet is a 33 year old husband, father and volunteer at Grace Ranch who is in training for the ...
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