Tent Revivals


The 2018 Tent Revivals are now completed.  If you would like more information about The Fishermen Ministry and our upcoming tent revivals, please contact Steve Atherton at (915) 988-2450.

Countdown to 2018 Tent Revivals


Below you will find all audio from Tent Revivals from 2018.

April 23rd to 28th in Cottageville, South Carolina  |  May 14th to 19th in Elberton, Georgia  |  June 11th to 16th in East Hampton, Connecticut  |  July 16th to 21st in Northfield, Vermont

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2018 Tent Revival - Vermont

2018 Tent Revival – Vermont

We need a cornerstone to start a building, Jesus is ...
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2018 Tent Revival - Connecticut

2018 Tent Revival – Connecticut

We need to know who we are fighting, what we're ...
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2018 Tent Revival - Georgia

2018 Tent Revival – Georgia

Are we going to believe on God, trusting Him for ...
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2018 Tent Revival - South Carolina

2018 Tent Revival – South Carolina

Do you want to enter the kingdom of God? The ...
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2018 Tent Revival Dedication

2018 Tent Revival Dedication

The 2018 Tent Revivals start with the dedication service held ...
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