Texas Sunday Service 2018-11-04

Texas Sunday Service 2018-11-04

The law had redemption and conviction.  When you loved the law you loved both.




Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2018-11-04


  • Corey Sweet
  • Steven Atherton


  • Psalm 119:165, Luke 5:37, James 1:20


  • Is your heart set apart for the courts of the Lord?  Is that the only thing that matters to you?
  • God promised Peter and those who had given up everything to serve Him, that they would have family and more than they had ever had before.  That family is family in Christ.
  • It should be our pleasure to provide for our brothers and sisters.
  • When we operate in this what are we to ever fear?  Now we can truly make war in the heavenlies.  If you aren’t in that place you can’t make war in the heavenlies, you can’t do it because your heart isn’t in the heavenlies and you have to be there if you are going to war there.  You can’t war there from here.  You have to determine right here, in your heart, that there is nothing that matters like Jesus Christ.  Then He will inhabit every aspect of your life and the Spirit of revival will be poured forth.
  • You don’t bow to satan because you are to destroy him and tread him under your feet.  If each of us will do this the devil is going to be on the run and he won’t find any harbor anywhere that he can find any place.
  • Psalm 119:165 says “Great peace have they which love thy law; and nothing shall offend them.”
  • We are all a work in progress.
  • Don’t take offense – ever.
  • You can’t have your old life and the Lord’s life.
  • Only God can save your life.  No other man can save your life.
  • Correction is to help you through and it is for your good.
  • Doing the right thing is not always the fun thing.
  • God wants us to be long-suffering.
  • The law had redemption and conviction.  When you loved the law you loved both.  Correction IS conviction and allows you the opportunity to change.
  • When you know yourself, when others do the same things you once did, you’re not offended at them doing it.
  • In the Bible, Steven was one who could have shown offense yet he said “Father forgive them” because he knew they did not know what they were doing.  He took no offense.  When you can be in that place, you can minister in love to anyone.
  • The person before you is never the offense.
  • When you get offended, next thing your anger is kindled and you want to bring down condemnation or wrath on them.
  • When you love the law of the Lord, in the sense that you want to be about what He has for you to be about, when you find out you aren’t, you are glad to know so you can do something about it.
  • God gives you great peace and you can stand in the midst of that great peace in the midst of much opposition because of God’s grace being there for you and others.
  • Came in a whirlwind which is a scary thing, it terrifies His enemies.
  • Pray the prayer “Teach me Lord how to wait (serve)” and the Lord will answer.
  • Be inclined to fight for the Lord.