Texas Sunday Service 2019-03-10

Texas Sunday Service 2019-03-10

Believe God, Believe His Word and keep His Word.  Are you a new creation in Christ or just an old guy covered in fig leaves?




Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2019-03-10


  • Rick Eutsler


  • Revelation 3:7, Ephesians 4:1, Proverbs 6:12, Proverbs 8


  • You don’t need to carry all the burdens with you. 
  • Three things that God warns us of:
    • Fear the Lord.
    • Stay away from strange women.
    • Seek wisdom.  Wisdom is a good thing, go get it.
  • When you enter into the presence of the Lord you should come out clean.  The only reason you wouldn’t come out clean is if you have chosen to hold onto that which is not of God.
  • There are 7 churches that exist at all times and there are 7 guys who hold the anointing of an Apostleship over each of the 7 churches.
  • God has always had a remnant who didn’t bow their knee to Baal.
  • Do you bow your knee to Baal?
  • Your track record is that you will choose wrong.  But you can’t live that way and expect that God will accept you, so we pray “God drive me to the accomplishment of your will, I surrender and submit my heart, my way, my life to you.  I cast off that old man and his will and his agenda and put on your will, your agenda.
  • We need to have zero confidence in our ability to accomplish anything.
  • To keep His Word is to do His Word.  It starts with BELIEVE God, Believe His Word and keep His Word.
  • Do not deny the name of Jesus Christ.
  • More money and more medicine is not the answer to the problem for the children who are hurting and dying, Jesus Christ is the only solution for their healing and deliverance.
  • On Wednesday we heard the question “What kind of faith do you have?”
  • Are you utterly despised for bringing the light of Christ or are you friends with the world?
  • Are you friends with the world?  Not facebook friends, but is your allegiance with the world or with God?
  • So many Christians are like a GPS that can’t find the current location, they don’t know where they really are, so they never get to where they want to go, when all they need to do is reset.  Get honest with yourself, get honest with the Lord, repent and you will know where you’re starting and He can minister to you through His Word and His ministers.
  • There is a measure with God and you either meet it or you don’t.
  • You’re getting trained not to warm a pew, but to get out and minister and train others to do likewise.
  • Proverbs 6:12 talks about a naughty person (a useless, unproductive, good for nothing), a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.
  • A froward mouth rejects the correction of God and is the complete opposite of faith and belief.
  • Men, be men, you answer to God, you answer to your authority in the Lord, not to your wives!  How is your wife supposed to know how to walk in that proper line of authority if you’re not man enough to stand up and do it yourselves?