Vermont Sunday Service 2018-08-19

Vermont Sunday Service 2018-08-19

Do you want to see Jesus lifted up?  Sow the Word of God in His love.


Service Notes For Sunday Vermont 2018-08-19


  • Steven Atherton
  • Jim Cannon
  • Jeanne Lamica


  • Matthew 13:1-23, Galatians 5:22, Matthew 5:13


  • Use Jesus Christ to nourish us in His strength.
  • Do you want to see Jesus lifted up?
  • Our job is to cast the seed.
  • Comfort is the enemy of progress.
  • If we are in the comfort zone, there is no room for the Gospel of Jesus to work.
  • When we are in uncomfortable situations, you can either feel sorry for yourself or lift it up to the Lord.
  • None of us can save anybody.  Christ is the savior.
  • When we want people to see Jesus, it doesn’t matter if they notice us at all.  That is the place where we are walking in Christ.
  • When you make it about you, you get lifted up in pride and think you’re something and that is what our nation has done.
  • When Jesus is not in a situation, it is not pretty to watch what people will do to each other.
  • God’s seed is backed by the power of God and watered by His Holy Spirit.
  • There is only one kingdom of God and there is only one way to His Kingdom.
  • We are ambassadors of Jesus and ambassadors dwell in a foreign land. As ambassadors of Christ  we dwell in God’s Kingdom.
  • How are people going to know the love of God if we don’t interact with them?