Vermont Sunday Service 2019-03-24

Vermont Sunday Service 2019-03-24

Churches today are afraid of hurting people’s feelings.


Service Notes For Sunday Vermont 2019-03-24


  • Jim Cannon
  • Michael Krause
  • Jeanne Lamica


  • 2 Peter 2:1-3, Joshua 1:6


  • The churches today are full of false prophets.
  • Churches today have failed the congregation by sitting and holding back.
  • We failed when we did not stand up to keep God in our schools.
  • We are to fight the fight of Jesus Christ and His righteousness and to stand strong in that which Jesus has for us.
  • Churches today are afraid of hurting people’s feelings.
  • What are we afraid of?
  • This nation is faced with the assault to trust in God.
  • We are being called to repair and fortify.
  • We need to be alert and quench the fiery dart that is coming against us.
  • We’ve got to continually lift every single thing up to the Lord and ask Him to direct us.
  • The Israelites stopped asking the Lord and fell into disobedience, they took on other gods and worshipped them.
  • Our nation has done the same thing: we’ve haven’t rooted out the evil. We let it come in.
  • Let us go forward and be strong and of a good courage in Him.