Texas Wednesday Service 2019-03-20

Texas Wednesday Service 2019-03-20

Walking in presumption.  Presumption is the destroyer of faith.  Ask the Lord to keep you from presumptuous sins.




Service Notes For Wednesday Texas 2019-03-20


  • Steve Atherton


  • 1 John 4:7-8, Psalm 19:7-14, Philippians 2:12, Psalm 51, Matthew 7:22-23, Revelations 16:7, 1 Samuel 13:14, John 8:44, Matthew 18:21-22, James 5, Matthew 18:19-20, John 8:32, Deuteronomy 17:8-13, 2 Peter 2, Romans 4:8, Romans 3:10, Genesis 14


  • Do not accept the things the enemy wants to put on you to deter you from doing what the Lord would have you to do.  The Lord wants to keep you safe from the enemy, but you need to take all things to Him and fight the enemy in Christ.
  • Apologize for your lack of love and ask Him to give you that love one for another so then He can be your God!
  • How can you make war in the heavenlies unless you put on the new man?  You cannot!  You can only make war in the heavenlies because you dwell in Christ Jesus. 
  • Presumption is the destroyer of faith, it is contrary to faith.
  • David was an example of one walking in faith in Christ, not walking in presumption.  Everything he did he sought to do in subjection to the Lord.
  • Do you lift your lives up continually to be judged in every aspect, so you can be found doing the will of the Lord? 
  • The lives of those who walked in the Lord in the scriptures, would seem they weren’t receiving a great reward here on earth. Jeremiah, Paul, Elijah, etc…
  • There is nothing more precious, nor exciting than having a real relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Nothing compares, NOTHING!
  • If you do your best, your best will get better.  The mark is Christ Jesus, you need to do your best ministering Him unto others, when you do that you will get better at it. 
  • The prayer that David prayed in Psalm 51 is one to follow after, a prayer of humility, of faith, he was the only man in scriptures the Lord called a man after his own heart. 
  • How do you know you are saved?  If you walk as if you already know you are, that is presumption. 
  • Do you know that your old man is shaped in iniquity, which is pride?  That is why you have to put on the new man.  We are all born sinners. 
  • The Lord doesn’t put His wisdom into your carnal mind, you have to put that one off and put on Christ’s mind!  You cannot clean yourself up, it’s God’s job to wash you, you have to submit yourself unto Him and let Him clean you up.
  • The grace of God whereby you are saved is what magnifies the Lord, not the attempt to undo the stupid things you’ve done, to pretend you’re something you’re not.  What you were (your old man) may minister unto another who is what your old man is, the sufficiency of God’s grace, even for them.
  • You shouldn’t expect love and forgiveness just because you exist.  It is something you have to come to know that you need, and recognize exactly what you deserve, which is nothing good.  Then ask for that which you need: mercy, grace, love. 
  • You cannot preach the Gospel in presumption!  If you are presuming you are something, you do not know Christ.  You can only know Christ through faith in Him, which is contrary to presumption.
  • If you want to walk in God’s ways, you are going to have to experience the mercies of God, knowing He doesn’t have to do anything for us.  The servant should never approach the master, demanding the master forgive them.  That is how most “Christians” walk, as if God has to forgive them.  You need to pray and ask the Lord to keep you from presumptuous sins, it is natural to walk in presumptuous sins, it is a battle not to. 
  • It is not a revelation to the Lord how you are in your natural man, He’s not surprised nor disappointed by it.  God wants us to choose to operate in Him and not in our old man. 
  • God established men and women to judge, they were over the high priest to judge matters of the people. 
  • If you don’t learn to do the will of God now and put off this old man now, you will not do it if you make it into heaven, you will then be cast out and sent to hell, just as the angels that sinned were cast out and sent to hell.
  • The primary messages being taught today are presumptuous, they are damnable heresies.  With a critical mass of people operating in Christ Jesus, warring a good warfare for the sake of others, we can see all this turn around.