Undergarments of God

Undergarments of God

Put on the armor of God, but first the undergarments!


Service Notes For Wednesday Texas 2018-01-17


  • Steve Atherton





  • Undergarments of God, it’s a critical message to be able to walk in Christ Jesus.
  • There is no standard that is acceptable but those who have walked the Word out in faith. 
  • Do we want to be included in God’s Word by name?
  • Christians today have very high self-esteem, they think better of themselves than they ought. 
  • Does God make you love one another?  No, He gives us opportunities to do so.  He also supplies what we need to carry out what He has given us to do. 
  • Mercy is only mercy on our part when it’s personal to us.  It is absolutely contrary to our nature.  It comes from God as we step out in obedience, then He gives us the mercy to extend to others. 
  • Most people’s kindness is not really kindness.
  • Humbleness of mind is a willingness to be wrong, and learn from others, not claiming or thinking we know all.
  • Moses knew the one who knew everything, he didn’t claim to know everything, he was the meekest man of the earth.
  • Jesus never did anything of Himself, it was only of His Father.  The meek person embraces that and rejoices that the Lord has given us the Spirit in which to do the things of the Lord!
  • Embrace and recognize the fact that we can do nothing, but rejoice in the fact that with Him we can do all things!
  • Long-suffering means being willing to cover for our brother or sister in a place they may be failing or struggling.
  • When God forgives us, it’s as though it never happened.  We get a clean slate, completely gone. 
  • Charity is the Agape love of God, it has nothing to do with feelings.  It’s a love of choice, it’s going to hurt like hell to do these things!
  • When we put on the Armor of God, we must have the undergarments under the armor or we will not be able to operate in it.
  • As we do these things the good things of God can flow freely, because it is for those around you in love. 
  • Choose to love the things that are good for you!  As we do this, we’ll see the anointing of the Lord go out!
  • We’ll find that ministering the Gospel to people is easy!