Texas Wednesday Service 2018-01-03

Texas Wednesday Service 2018-01-03

Obedience without understanding.  We will never learn to obey if we only obey when it agrees with our own understanding.




Service Notes For Wednesday Texas 2018-01-03


  • Steven Atherton


John 15:14-15, Proverbs 3:5-10, Romans 14:23, 1 Kings 20:35, Judges 6-8, Exodus 5, Joshua 6, Genesis 22:4-14, 1 Chronicles 16:22, 1 Samuel 12:1-15, 2 Chronicles 7:14, James 4:10, John 15:5, John 17:3, Ephesians 2:1-9


  • Obedience without understanding.
  • One of the blessings of being a friend unto the Lord is that He will make known unto you why He does things.  He will not let you know why He does a thing until you have proven you are His friend, through obedience and service. 
  • We need to learn how to obey without needing to understand.  Walking by faith not by sight.
  • People struggle with tithes and offerings, because they don’t understand it with their own mind. ​​
  • There are many examples of people in the Bible being told to do things that make no sense to the carnal mind. 
  • We will never learn to obey if we only obey when it agrees with our own understanding.
  • Being a servant is the fastest way to learn things. 
  • Do we want to grow in wisdom, understanding and learn the ways of the Lord?  Learn to obey!  When we learn how to obey, we will also learn how to trust!
  • When this nation was first established, the Lord was their King.  Just as the people asked Samuel for a man to be their king, so has this nation. 
  • When we have a community of people who are willing to serve the Lord, what need is there for government?  The Lord is the King and Governor.
  • God gives us rulers after our own hearts.  We are a nation extraordinarily divided, and a nation divided cannot stand. 
  • Seeking the Lord’s face is to know Him!  When we know Him we can walk in  Christ’s ways and be those whom He has sent.
  • If we do anything on a daily basis that is not by faith in Jesus Christ, it is sin.  If we know that we should see our sin all the time.
  • Every person ever born was born in sin!
  • If we claim to be Christians and are not seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, we have not been quickened together in Christ Jesus!  When we receive Christ Jesus, everything is supposed to be new!  When we walk in that, people will see it! 
  • The Church is concerned about looking pretty and not about the service of God!  We need those who call themselves Christians to be about the service of God through obedience. 
  • If we don’t learn to obey God and trust Him, we will never experience the things of Him. 
  • If we want to see this nation turn around we need to walk in obedience to the Lord!  Obedience is central in everything because it’s center is Christ Jesus!