Georgia Sunday Service 2018-05-20

Georgia Sunday Service 2018-05-20

Why are things broken and corrupt?  Who can or will fix it?  Where is the truth?




Service Notes For Sunday Georgia 2018-05-20


  • Carter Price
  • Steven Atherton


John 14:6, Colossians 1:1-17, Hosea 4:6


  • There are a lot of ways to get the Word of God out there.  We should use all the means available, as the Lord provides, trusting it is by Him that we can do anything!
  • The Lord’s grace and mercy is sufficient for our imperfection, if we submit unto Him and desire to serve Him.  God’s grace is being manifest all the time, we need to take the time to stop and see it. 
  • The world is not improving and the majority of people want to put the responsibility on someone else, i.e. the government. The natural man, an evil heart continually, guided by pride, which is where the majority operate, love blaming someone else because it gives us an out or excuse to do nothing.  
  • Why are things broken and corrupt?  Who can or will fix it?  Where is the truth?  The answers are in Christ, the truth is in Him!
  • There are so many churches, everywhere we go, and even the same denominations a few miles apart don’t agree on what the Word of God says or even which Word is the true Word of God.  It’s no surprise people aren’t seeking God.  So-called Christians portray Christ falsely, and people want nothing to do with the Christ who the so-called Christians show them. 
  • If we really search and ask the Lord to show us the truth, He will answer.  The truth is not in the world, it is not our nature to want the truth, that’s why He had to bring it.  The knowledge of all things of God is diminishing.
  • Grace and true peace comes from God our father, when we extend grace, and that grace is still from God.
  • People perish from their lack of knowledge, we need to increase in the knowledge of God.  The problems today are because there is a lack of the knowledge of God.  Worldly knowledge is not the answer, only the knowledge of God can solve every problem on earth.
  • By His grace God holds everything together.  God’s grace is being pulled back and that is why things are falling apart. 
  • The things we need to do, will only be accomplished in Him, He is the only one that can make us meet to be profitable for Him to show others the only way, Jesus Christ! 
  • It’s too much about what we can do in the church world, it should be about what God can do!  He is the only one who can do anything.