Men's Bible Study on 2 JOHN (2014-03-25)

Men's Bible Study on 2 JOHN (2014-03-25)

The book of 2 JOHN audio from the Men’s Bible Studies from 2014-03-25.


Service Notes For Tuesday 2014-03-25 Men’s Bible Study on 2 John


  • Richard Eutsler, Sr.
  • Steven Atherton
  • Richard Eutsler, Jr.
  • Scott Bishop


  • 2 John


  • John referring to himself as the elder – he is over the people.
  • Elect lady – many people use this verse to support the false bride of Christ teaching. She is a woman who pastors this church.
  • Her children are those who came to know the Lord through her ministry.
  • Love in the truth – not only John but all they who have known the truth.
  • Highlights love – if you love Jesus – and Jesus is the Truth (John 14: 6 – Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me) – and if Jesus loves them so must you.
  • For the truth’s (Jesus’) sake, which dwelleth in us (Jesus).
  • If you meet a person who is truly in Christ you’re going to love them.
  • Grace, mercy and peace – John is exercising his authority to extend this to this woman.
  • Found of thy children walking in truth – not necessarily all but some are. A good testimony of her. Those who are not, what excuse do they have as there are some that are.
  • Heard from the beginning – you’re a sinner, Christ died for your sins (the Gospel) and walk in that. Many churches start in that and then turn to legalism – this you cannot love. This is the seed of Satan which caused him to fall.
  • Many deceivers – you do not allow their deceit to stand.
  • Anyone who is going to be a minister of the Lord has to confront that deception. To receive deceivers is like letting cancer into the body.
  • Confess that Jesus came in the flesh – he did the works by the Father that was in him, not in his flesh. Difference between
  • Jesus and us is his flesh did not have sin. He had fellowship with the Father where we were cut off from God at birth. We are grafted back in when we accept him. We can do the works of God. If we don’t believe that we deny that Jesus came in the flesh.
  • Was there anyway God could have accepted Cain’s sacrifice? No, because he gave of the cursed ground. Our flesh is the cursed ground. The only thing God can receive is the sacrifice of Jesus. If we offer Jesus, God will receive it.
  • We lose not those things which we have wrought – speaking of what John and the other Apostles had wrought. The reward is going to those Apostles, jewels in their crown.
  • The Apostle Paul was constantly dealing with this – deceivers, those trying to establish works self-righteousness.
  • Carnal mind likes works self-righteousness. People come to Christ in a bad place and things change and then the far more difficult part of putting off their carnal mind is a point people struggle with and tend to fall back.
  • Carnal mind tied to the flesh, what feels good, self-esteem.
  • Transgresseth – turn out of the way, the Gospel. I am a sinner, Christ is not, he died for me. If you abide in the doctrine of Christ you have the Father and the Son.
  • The church has gotten sloppy. Many people will say they are Christians but walk in their own self-righteousness. Got to stand against it for their sakes as well as your own.
  • Receive into your house for church, that is fine. You don’t receive them as a brother in Christ though.
  • Unto you – speaking to the congregants, the average Christian. They are not equipped to deal with it.
  • God speed – like saying God Bless you.
  • Making this distinction is their best chance to be saved.
  • When you let them think they are a brother and let them believe you think they are your brother you are strengthening them in their sin to go on in it. In God’s eyes you partake of that sin.
  • You can be separated from God or separated from the false brethren. There will be a separation.
  • A true Christian needs no man’s approval because he is justified by God. A person who does not have God’s approval, in the deepest part of his heart knows he is not approved and seeks approval. A believer must not give them that false approval, false comfort.
  • Beautiful promise and hope to this woman that the Apostle John, who walked with Jesus, would want to come and fellowship with her.
  • Elect sister, elect lady – two women who were running churches and their children are sending greetings to each other.
  • The idea that woman are to be marginalized is not so. Book of Acts had women prophetesses, teachers. The testimonies of Anna the prophetess, Mary Magdalene – the first one to whom Jesus appeared, the first one to preach the Gospel.
  • Very, very few real Christians in this country, the number of people who actually believe God’s word are scarce.
  • We need to speak the truth in our interactions with others.