Men's Bible Study on 3 JOHN (2014-04-01)

Men's Bible Study on 3 JOHN (2014-04-01)

The book of 3 JOHN audio from the Men’s Bible Studies from 2014-04-01.


Service Notes For Tuesday 2014-04-01 Men’s Bible Study on 3 John


  • Richard Eutsler, Sr.
  • Steven Atherton
  • Richard Eutsler, Jr.
  • Scott Bishop


  • 3 John


  • The elder unto – church that John is over.
  • Love in the truth – in Christ Jesus, in Christ’s stead,
  • Particular blessing this greeting is to Gaius,
  • John wants the Lord to prosper this man that he may continue to serve the Lord.
  • Important point for all believers: you can use your health and welfare as a pointer to the situation of your soul.
  • Even as – in the same way your soul is prospering so will your health.
  • John rejoiced greatly at the testimony of Jesus in and manifested in Gaius’ life. It is something noticeable, something you can see.  The brethren gave testimony of seeing this in Gaius.
  • No greater joy than seeing people you have brought to the Lord walk in the truth (Jesus).
  • Confirming unto Gaius that that which he has been doing was right, commenting on his faithfulness.
  • If Gaius will go forth and pay for their transportation in the same manner as God would provide.
  • Why? Because these people have gone forward taking nothing of the unbelievers.
  • Strangers – Gentile believers (strangers according to the law).
  • Brethren – Jewish believers.
  • You see John standing in that place which is right and his fruit  (children in the Lord) are doing so also,
  • Receive such – financial aid to John that he might be a fellow helper.
  • Loveth to have the preeminence (Diotrephes) – pride, wanted to be first.  Spoke evil of John, turned others out of the way.
  • Follow not that which is evil – sacrifice of Cain.
  • Follow that which is good – sacrifice of the lamb of God.
  • Most people in the church walk in the flesh and do not even know it.
  • Those who walk in the spirit, though their flesh is just as evil the Lord dwells in them and God’s love is manifested.
  • To see God is to perceive or understand who God is and how he works. Same context as John 3 – unless you are born again you cannot see (understand) the kingdom of God.
  • Of the truth itself – Demetrius has a good report of Jesus and of us, receive him.
  • Our record is true – that which we give testimony of is true.  John was faithful, he knew Jesus throughout his ministry and Jesus knew him.
  • How lightly people regard the visitation of a man of God.  Same as today, nothing new under the sun.
  • John was depending on Gaius to send the support needed for him, John, to come shortly.
  • Nature of the good fight of faith – a daily fight.  We seem to hope it will stop being a fight but that is the fight of faith, daily. If you’re going to follow the Lord there is no getting around it.
  • The testimony of the people is what is provoking John to come to him (Gaius).  He is coming because Gaius is doing well.  Requires humility and commitment on Gaius’ part.
  • The invisible things of God are made plainly visible – like gravity, it is always here. Look at it as unbelief, pride, all the things that bring us down. Faith is like the law of lift.  Just because you operate in the law of lift doesn’t mean gravity isn’t there.
  • You constantly have to fight to believe.  You do so by prayer and meditation.
  • Greet the friends, those walking likewise in faith, by name.  They are important to John and important to the Lord.
  • That which the Lord gave Gaius he employed in the work of the Lord, a good steward.