2019 Ministers Conference Services

2019 Ministers Conference Services

NIGHTS:  7 Steps to walking in the prosperity of the Lord.  Jesus is the Word of Life.  Hope if you will receive.  Become doers of the Word.  What makes you belong?

2019 Ministers Conference Playlist

NIGHT 1 FACEBOOK VIDEO of the 2019 Ministers Conference on 7 Steps to walking in the prosperity of the Lord

NIGHT 2 FACEBOOK VIDEO of 2019 Ministers Conference on The one word that holds the most power.

NIGHT 3 FACEBOOK VIDEO of 2019 Ministers Conference on Hope if you will receive.

NIGHT 4 FACEBOOK VIDEO of 2019 Ministers Conference on What makes you belong?

NIGHT 5 PART 1 – FACEBOOK VIDEO of 2019 Ministers Conference on A Biblical Life.

NIGHT 5 PART 2 – FACEBOOK VIDEO of 2019 Ministers Conference on A Biblical Life.

NIGHT 6 FACEBOOK VIDEO of 2019 Ministers Conference on Excerpt.  


2019 MINISTERS CONFERENCE NOTES 2019-10-14 to 2019-10-19

SPEAKERS:  Rick Eutsler, Jr., Carter Price, Steven Atherton, Robin Atherton, Scott Stevens, Charles Hocker

SCRIPTURES USED: Matthew 6, Ephesians 2, Romans 13, Hebrews 10:19, Joshua 1:1, Proverbs 3:1, Psalms 37, Malachi 3:5, 1 Timothy 6:17, Malachi 3:5, James 3:5, Genesis 3:1, Exodus 15:1-21, Exodus 23:20, 2 Peter, Joshua 22:1, Exodus 23:25, Acts 2, 1 Corinthians 1:10, 1 Corinthians 11:1-2, 1 Corinthians 11:23, Matthew 13:52, Romans 4:4, James 1:5, Romans 2:28, Joshua 5:1


  • 7 Steps to walking in the prosperity of the Lord.
  • Rick talked about his testimony of his childhood and when he went to visit his dad and ended up staying there, which was an answer to his fathers prayers.  He said he was miserable but because he was in leadership in the church he had attended in Florida, he didn’t dare show that he was miserable.
  • God is able to bring you into His prosperity, but you have to choose to walk in it.
  • What are the 7 steps to walking in the prosperity of the Lord?
    1. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness.
      • It’s an act of your will.
      • If you don’t know Him, you won’t know His ways.
      • There will be evidence of your walk in Christ.
      • God is bigger than EVERYTHING!!  Cement that into your heart.
    2. Stand firmly on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets.
      • Ephesians 2
      • You can not reject the Lord and His line of authority and say you accept Him.  He has a way, it’s the only way.
      • Romans 13:1 is about God’s authority, NOT the government authority.
      • If you resist the Lord and His ways, you can not walk in the prosperity of God.
    3. Get cleansed and stay cleansed.
      • If you’re willing to allow God to draw out the pride and self, His blood will wash you clean.
      • Hebrews 10:19
      • You can not claim to have your own faith and not fellowship with other believers.
      • When you have fellowship with other believers and you agape love them, you provoke them to love and good works, by speaking the truth.
      • Fellowship means opening yourself up to others.  Do not forsake fellowship.
    4. Be strong and of a good courage.
      1. Joshua 1
      2. We are instructed to know and walk in ALL His ways.
      3. It’s a lot harder to move you when you have set yourself to do His will.
      4. Love God means to obey Him, recognizing that He is everything and you are nothing.
    5. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding.
      • Proverbs 3:1
      • Your heart is where the seat of your will resides.  It’s where you choose.
      • If God is giving you instruction, it’s ONLY for your good.
      • What has your own understanding got you?  A lot of trouble.
      • Psalms 37
      • FRET NOT!
      • I challenge you to TRUST GOD!
    6. Honor the Lord with ALL thy substance.
      • Tithes, offerings, substances means ALL things.
      • Outside of Him is NO good thing.  In Him are ALL good things.
      • Proverbs 3:9 – Honor the Lord.
      • What do you have that He didn’t provide you with?
      • Why is the enemy so well funded?  Why are people so terrified to give anything to God?
      • Tithes and offerings are a first step to trusting the Lord.
      • First fruits go to the Lord.
      • Honor the Lord with ALL thy substance.
      • Rick told the story of when the Lord told him “As long as you are faithful and forward to support my work, I will take care of you.”
      • 1 Timothy 6
      • Every one of you in this room are rich in this world as compared to others around the world.
      • What are you going to do about it?
      • Put your trust in the living God.
    7. LOVE.  All the other 6 are nothing without His love.
      • In Him you can love, but ONLY by Him.
      • To love with the love of God is the least you can do, that’s what He did for you.
      • You can not walk in the prosperity of God if you aren’t in Him.
      • He wants you to walk in the prosperity of God!
      • Prosperity of the Lord is NOT about this world (i.e. financial things), it’s about our new life.


  • Jesus is the Word of life.
  • The tongue can no man tame, it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.
  • How much death and destruction does your tongue yield?
  • Speaking evil (death) and speaking good (life) can not co-exist, just as dark and light can not co-exist.
  • Are you speaking life or death to people?
  • When you speak life to someone, you minister Jesus to them, because He IS life.  He is the way, the truth and the life.
  • In Genesis 3 Eve spoke to the serpent and did not accurately relay the Word of God, something was added to it.  It brought death to millions.
  • It doesn’t take much to destroy something.
  • A lot of people hate Christians, because of the words of death that they minister to others.
  • Simply asking someone if they have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior is bringing the word of life.
  • The name of Jesus holds power because He IS life.
  • You need to violently stand against the enemy who is out to kill, steal and destroy.
  • You can not speak life to someone unless the Father do it through you.
  • You need to hate the enemy with a cruel hatred.
  • In horror movies there’s always a group of people who are being killed one by one.  Eventually the last person standing gets sick and tired of running and being hunted down and they get furious and find a weapon and start to fight with all they’ve got.  It should not take us until the end to start fighting, we should always be engaged in the battle.
  • Only speak and only hear words of life.



  • Preparing our hearts is preparing a habitation.
  • The first 12 verses of Exodus 15 speak of what the children of Israel just saw God perform.  The rest of the verses look forward to what He will perform.
  • The second generation enters in – those born of God.
  • God has done it all – we get to partake if we follow Him.
  • What does it mean to prepare your heart?  The only way to know is to do it.
  • The invitation to you is there, but will you take it?
  • Exodus 15:21 is not a lack of grace.  If you will obey Him through those He sends, God says your enemies will be His enemies.
  • This is a time to dedicate yourself to the Lord.
  • We want to be people who say He is right, before we see that He is right.
  • Lean not unto your own understanding is as simple as submitting to the authority over you.  For example, wives submit to your own husbands, children obey your parents.
  • We don’t want our enemies to fall, but what chance do they have if Christ is not set before them?
  • The only way to come into perfect agreement with God is to receive, hear, and follow after, those whom God has sent to us.
  • In order to receive from those God has brought to you, you have to die to yourself first.
  • Exhort one another, no excuses.
  • To have a hope for your children and their children it starts with your submission, obedience, walk or example.
  • The beauty of faltering is we can have compassion for others who falter.
  • It is about what HE did that allows us to partake of every good thing in Him.


  • What makes you belong?  I was called, I believed, that’s the whole deal.  It’s not complicated.
  • What are you committed to?  What moves you?  Does Jesus only move you when He makes you feel good?
  • The love of God is sufficient to make up every difference.
  • It’s hard to trust God when you are looking at yourself, so don’t look at yourself.
  • If you have any standing in His kingdom, it’s all because of Him.
  • God is big enough to change even you!
  • Double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.
  • When someone says “You’re a minister?” in shock, the response is “Yes, there’s a great testimony against me, but God calls the base things to confound the wise”.
  • What is your profession?  You should say that you’re a minister and that entails any other work you do.  For example, I’m a minister, so what that means is I work as a computer technician.
  • You have to love others before they love you.  Jesus did.


  • Ordinary does NOT get it done.
  • A Biblical life.
  • When you set yourself apart for Him, you can partake of all the good things of God.
  • When Paul got bitten by the snake, he shook it off without pain or yelling because he was separated unto God.  God was able to use that to minister to others.
  • Mordecai hoped and prayed for Esther.
  • God has called you to a Biblical life.  You may be an ordinary person, but He’s an extraordinary God.  Go forward from here and live a Biblical life.)
  • Romans 2:29 – Whose praise is not of man but of God.
  • If you’re looking for anything worldly to come from your choice to set yourself apart unto God, you need to stop NOW!
  • You can not prefer ANYTHING of this world over the ways of God.
  • The captain of the Lord’s host is Jesus.  It was Joshua’s responsibility to be on God’s side.  If we are for Him then He will be with us.
  • Circumcision is of the heart.
  • Allow the Lord to roll away the reproach.


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