South Carolina Wednesday Service 2018-05-02

South Carolina Wednesday Service 2018-05-02

God has provided us everything we need to operate in the way He purposed us to operate.  Follow His instructions, his Word and live!

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  • Carter Price
  • Robin Atherton


John 1:1-5, John 1:14


  • God did not leave us without instructions.  Our instructions come from the instruction book, which is the Bible, which is the Word of God.
  • Instructions are given to have a thing operate in a way it was purposed.  If we don’t follow instructions that most likely won’t happen.
  • Everything in existence was made by God, the instruction is given to us so we can do what we were purposed to do, love God and love one another.  If we don’t take heed to all the Lord’s instructions, we will not fulfill our purpose.
  • The universe is made perfectly, for our survival, by God. 
  • No matter our background or race we were all created for the same thing, to know and love God.  
  • God doesn’t need to change, we need to change. 
  • There is no justice in this world, Jesus is the only just one.  The world is full of crooked and perverse ways. 
  • Read, follow, keep and give heed to all the warnings and instructions of God, for He is the creator of all things. 
  • God established a communication system where we can directly speak to Him.  He also has a line of authority available for us to go to for help and support.  He has given us all we need to function the way He purposed. 
  • The Word instructs on how it is in God’s Kingdom, to walk in the Kingdom of God we need to read the Bible, take heed to it and do it.
  • Through obedience we can minster the Gospel to others that God’s Kingdom may be manifested that souls may be saved!
  • If we are His, we are citizens of a different Kingdom, not of this world, but the Kingdom of God!