South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-12-20

South Carolina Sunday Service 2020-12-20

Freedom in the Lord.  His yoke is easy, His burden is light. Cease from your works & trust Him to work in and through you.

Service Notes For Sunday South Carolina 2020-12-20


  • Phillip Walthall
  • Steve Atherton


  • Matthew 11:25, 1 Corinthians 1:27, Matthew 11:28, Romans 3:23, John 15:5


  • Phillip talked about everyone having a void and he tried to fill the void with drugs, alcohol, women but none of those things helped, in fact, the void grew worse. The Gospel preached to Phil filled the void in his life.
  • Filling the void with things like drugs, alcohol and women is clearly wrong and you can see it, but what’s worse is filling the void with things that don’t look so bad.
  • Your old familiar ways don’t seem bad, but if you’re using them to fulfil that which the Lord should fulfil, it’s bad for you.
  • Do you want the new life divine or the old familiar place?
  • If you put those things that you do as number one in your life, ahead of going after that which Christ has for you, you will miss what He has for you.
  • Don’t cuddle up to the “no good thing” that is your flesh.
  • When you put God first you will have a life no longer filled with void.
  • Do you delight yourself in service, to parents, boss, husband?
  • All the freedom is the operation of God, not of you.
  • If God is not inhabiting the things you do, why do you want anything to do with it?
  • Christ has you do the things that, in the world, never look like they’ll bring joy. You think the action is where the joy is, it’s not, it’s that thing which God is inhabiting that brings joy.
  • The biggest issue most people have in their walk with Christ is the recognition of their baseness.
  • You can fill your life with things you do and never know the fellowship with God.
  • It’s NOT about what you do.  It’s entirely about what the Lord does.
  • If you operate in Christ Jesus, EVERYTHING you do can be done in Christ Jesus.  Even something as simple as driving a car, preparing food, stopping at a gas station etc. He knows how to do EVERYTHING perfectly.
  • Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden.  The weight is too heavy for you and you can’t keep up with it.
  • Take my yoke upon you – this means you belong to someone else.
  • Are you meek and lowly in heart?  God values meek and lowly in heart.  First thing in the morning just acknowledge that without Him you are nothing and how desperately you are in need of Him.
  • Once you know the body of evidence (at least a part of it) you know you are not good and need Christ desperately for everything.
  • The testimonies of you not being able to get it are all lies! Cease from your works and trust Him to do the work in and through you.