Texas Sunday Service 2019-05-26

Texas Sunday Service 2019-05-26

God calls the meek and humble.  God resists the proud.  The only thing you have to offer that is of worth is Jesus Christ.




Service Notes For Sunday Texas 2019-05-26


  • Charles Hocker


  • 1 Corinthians 1:25-28


  • God does not call the esteemed people because the world and the esteemed themselves think they have something to offer.
  • People may say they do not judge but you can hear it in their voices that they do.
  • You get dragged down when you think you are someone and have something to offer and should be esteemed.
  • The world encourages us to think we are something but that leads to only increase pride.
  • Moses needed to be removed from Egypt to recognize that he had nothing to offer and so become meek for the Lord to be able to use him.
  • We too need to recognize we have nothing to offer but the Father and Jesus, thereby we become humble and meek and He can use us, then we will speak what He gives us because only He knows the intents of the hearts of the people we meet and what they need.
  • The Lord uses the base to confound the wise, He does not operate through the proud but the humble and meek because they will offer what God brings which is transforming.
  • The root of ALL sin is pride.  The opposite of pride is humility and meekness.
  • God gives more grace to the humble.   Moses was meek before God (Lamb of God) but bold before man (Lion of Judah).
  • If you are elevated in the eyes of the world you are not meek in the eyes of God.  God’s ways are contrary to the ways of the world.
  • Meekness is not being a pansy or a wimp, because if you walk in His ways you are bold and strong because it takes the courage the Lord gives you to bring forth His Word.
  • The churches teach self esteem and pride but the time will come when their mouths will be stopped because the Lord will call a people to stand in His boldness as Moses did and bring out the Word from the Lord, walking in His power and His truth, recognizing how base we all are.
  • The Lord will bring forth a people who recognize their depravity and their need for what Jesus did for all who would believe.
  • Through Jesus there is hope but we have to recognize who we are (which is not a pleasant experience, nor is it instant) but we need to allow Him to move through us.
  • We are not special!  Bringing the Gospel to people in darkness who are spiritually broken, in order for them to get the freedom the Lord brings, takes a people of courage, people of humility to recognize the only thing they can offer of value, is Jesus.