Teaching on The Veil Of The Lord/The Mystery of the Veil

Teaching on The Veil Of The Lord/The Mystery of the Veil


  • Richard D. Eutsler, Sr. 


  • John 1:1-5
  • Leviticus 17:11
  • Ephesians 3:20


SUBJECT:  The Veil of the Lord

  • The light of God, which is Christ, lighted every man that came into the world. The blood is a veil/shield, that God has given us Himself if we’ll but turn and look at Him. Not a self divine nature, there’s one divine nature and that’s God.
  • God is head and last and foremost, He is God which is Jesus! His name was hidden from us, from the people.
  • Through the blood Christ would save us all if we would just believe. Those that would see could see the light, those that would not see could not see. All those that are God’s will come to the light. The light manifest, there’s nothing that is that is not manifest by the light.
  • Once your sins are revealed, you then have to comprehend the light or reject it.
  • Shields of brass and shields of gold
  • The veil rent in twain signified God was no longer in that body.
  • You have to believe God that His blood is sufficient for you. It’s one thing to believe that His blood is for others.
  • Sin is sin.
  • The blood of Jesus is the life of God. God shed that blood for me, you and the whole world.
  • The power of the blood of Jesus was greater than that sin. If you can but believe, know you are a sinner.
  • Know the power of His blood and walk in it.
  • Take the word of God and believe it. It’s all in the blood; the power of God to save you, heal you, to deliver you, everything you need. The shield/veil has been removed, there’s no longer an excuse not to access and believe it.
  • Choose to dwell in the veil that Christ dwells in.  If you agree, go forward in that.

The Veil of the Lord / The Mystery of the Veil.

In 2015 Richard Eutsler, Sr. brought us a message on The Veil of the Lord.  You can listen to it in its entirety by clicking on the link below.